The 2023 World Snooker Championship is just a month away, with Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump as the heavy favorites.

The tournament will take place in Sheffield City, Yorkshire, England, at the Crucible Theatre. Sixteen competitors will compete for the cup, beginning on April 15 and ending on May 1.

O’Sullivan is the number 1 World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA). His odds at OKBET is 5.00.

Trump, on the other hand, is currently ranked number 4 in WPBSA. Surprisingly, the top sports betting platform had him at 5.50.

The number 2 and number 3 world-ranked players, Mark Selby and Mark Allen, have odds of 8.00 and 12.00, respectively.

OKBET O'Sullivan vs Trump World Snooker Championship

Based on the prediction of OKBET, Neil Robertson (World Ranked No. 5) is a top-seeder. He has an odds of 6.50.

According to Snooker HQ, O’Sullivan, and Trump are among the players whose seedings will remain the same. Even if the tournament progresses, the two snooker masters will remain as the no. 1 and no. 4.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, the Heavy Favorite

O’Sullivan, 47, has been slated to win this year’s World Snooker Championship because of how good he is. Before the tournament began, he had already accumulated a total prize money of £973,000. 

His playstyle is fast, and he is always on the offensive. Due to his incredible technique, O’Sullivan won a best-of-nine frame match in a record-high 43 minutes during his debut season, thus earning him the nickname “The Rocket.”

He is a very solid tactical player who can switch hands when playing. In fact, the legendary player has been dubbed a “genius” by his opponents.

With 30 professional seasons under his name, O’Sullivan has won six World Championships, including 39 other titles. His recent title was against Trump in the 2022 World Championship, where he won with a score of 18-13.

He is expected to make a two-peat this coming 2023 World Snooker Championship.

Judd Trump, the Revenger

The English snooker ace and fashionista, 34-year-old Trump, plans to exact his revenge after suffering a loss against O’Sullivan last season.

Like his rival, Trump is an aggressive player, intending to clear the table as quickly as possible. The only difference is that he plays the game “naughty” way.

When we say naughty, it is because of Trump’s cue action. How he spins the ball is very unnatural. He also favors his right whenever he aligns his shots.

A master of the side spin, Trump’s playstyle is unique and entertaining to watch. However, his technique also costs him to make grave mistakes whenever his timing is not right.

For instance, he missed potting the easiest pink ball of the Welsh Open Final last year. It cost him the title and had Joe Perry bringing home the cup.

But if his timing is impeccable, his shots were the most accurate, even more accurate than O’Sullivan’s.

“When his timing is right, he can pot the most incredible balls – even more so than [Ronnie] O’Sullivan. But when he is not timing it right, he cues across the ball and can miss anything,” said Neal Foulds.


Although the odds between O’Sullivan and Trump are close, there is a big chance that the former would win because of his perfect technique. But in case Trump finds his timing, O’Sullivan will be in trouble.

Let us hope that these two will meet in the finals.

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