Four-time NBA champion Wardell “Chef” Curry shows no signs of decline, despite turning 35 today, March 14.

For this ‘22-’23 NBA season, Curry averages 29.7 pts, 6.2 rebounds, and 6.4 assists. His 49.9% field goal, 43.4% from deep, and 92.5 from the line helped the Golden State Warriors reach the fifth spot in the Western Conference.

Chef Curry may have suffered several injuries this season, but it did not stop him from showing the heart of a champion. This is what the 2022 Finals MVP said:

“I always feel like I’m getting better. Getting better means, for me, the way I judge success: The way I play, being an efficient scorer and well-rounded in terms of making other people better, like creating space with my off-ball cutting, which requires a lot of energy to do,” he said to Marc Stein. “How your mind sees the game and all that type of stuff; I feel like I’m always getting better there. I haven’t felt like at any point that I’m slowing down, so I’m loving where I’m at right now. However long I can make this last is the challenge.”

Although reaching 35 years old, the first-ever unanimous MVP still has enough fuel left in the tank. In the previous NBA season, Curry joined NBA greats like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain in becoming the most valuable player at age 34.

Not only is he the greatest shooter of all time, but he is probably one of the most charitable athletes in the world.

Chef Curry, An Advocate Off the Court

OKBET Chef Curry at 35

Chef Curry has done many good things, putting his influence to good use. In 2021, while the world is struggling with the pandemic, he and his wife, Ayesha, provided 16 million meals to families in Oakland. They did it through their Eat.Learn.Play. foundation, aiming to help every child and end childhood hunger.

“The world is changing before our eyes in terms of dealing with the spread of the coronavirus,” he said to The San Francisco Chronicle. “The world is changing before our eyes in terms of dealing with the spread of the coronavirus.”

Their foundation also donated over 500,000 books to children in need. But there is more needed to be done. Last year, Curry’s profile expanded from being an athlete-businessman to becoming an activist and humanitarian.

He is also a prominent voice for gender equality. In 2020, Curry empowered women by hosting a basketball camp for 200 girls.

In 2012, during the malaria outbreak, Wardell created the Nothing But Nets program. Its objective is to deliver anti-malaria nets to those in Tanzania.

He also donated $118,00 to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, as well as vocally supporting organizations like NBA Cares, Victory Over Cancer, V Foundation for Cancer Research, and many more charities.

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Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has been riddled with injuries recently, affecting the team this late in the season.

The NBA three-point king averages 29.4 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 6.4 assists on 49.5 percent shooting, and his absences on the court put a huge void in the Warrior offense.

Curry, 34, recently injured his left leg during their matchup against the No. 6 Dallas Mavericks last Saturday. An MRI showed partial tears to his superior tibiofibular ligament and interosseous membrane. According to the report, the Warriors superstar also had a lower leg contusion.

The incident happened when the Chef defended McKinley Wright IV, who was driving toward the basket. Unfortunately, they banged knees with Curry being sent to the stands. He was limping afterward.

Although the Dubs managed to hold off Dallas 119-113, they will play without their leader. He is expected to miss multiple weeks because of his injury, which is crucial, especially with the team as the eighth seed.

But that is just one of the injuries Curry suffered this season. Since last year, he has had five injuries that rendered him ineligible to play.

January 20, 2023

The Warriors went on a road trip without all of their best players. Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Andrew Wiggins were out. Thus a depleted Dubs faced the Cleveland Cavaliers. Curry was also ruled out of the game due to hip tightness.

Fortunately, they won the game 120-114.

December 14, 2022

Probably one of the worst injuries Curry had. The Chef suffered a partial dislocation of his left shoulder during their match against the Indiana Pacers. You can also see how painful it was just by checking the video:

It was also a crucial time for the superstar to be sidelined. They were 14-14, and following the loss against the Pacers, the Warriors went on to have four more defeats before going on a five-game win streak.

December 7, 2022

During the Warriors’ matchup with Utah Jazz, Curry was sidelined due to left ankle soreness. Many speculated that the NBA three-point king suffered the injury because of his heavy load to keep his team in the playoff picture.

As a result of his absence, the four-time NBA champs were defeated by the Jazz in a tight game, 123-124.

November 4 and 21, 2022

Days after the NBA 2022-’23 season officially began, Curry was sidelined because of an elbow injury.

The Warriors struggled at the start of the season, suffering a five-game losing streak—all on the road. Adding more “salt to the wound,” Curry missed their game against the New Orleans Pelicans, which they lost.

Then on November 21, he was again ruled out due to the same injury. Hence, they again lost to the Pelicans, this time, in a humiliating fashion, 82-128.

OKBET Stephen Curry injuries


Stephen Curry has suffered many injuries even during the start of his career. His ankles were the primary concern for the superstar, and with Father Time catching up to him, he became even more injury-prone.

Moreso, his absence affects the Warriors, who are trying to push probably one last playoff run with their core of Curry, Green, and Thompson.

Will OKBET players see the Dubs come playoff time with a healthy team? No one knows for sure. But if they are complete in the playoffs, the Warriors will most likely have another shot at winning a title.

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Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was ejected from last Thursday’s match against the Memphis Grizzlies, and it was all because of Jordan Poole.

Curry’s ejection happened in the fourth quarter with the score 114-116 in favor of the Warriors. Klay Thompson missed a runner that was supposed to add two more to the lead. Dante DiVincenzo, in a good position for a rebound, tapped it to Draymond Green, who passed it to Poole.

OKBET Stephen Curry ejected for the 3rd time

Curry asked for the ball to milk the clock, but the 23-year-old guard made a bad shot selection and shot a 30-footer, which he missed—putting OKBET players who wanted them to win screaming “NO!”

The two-time Finals MVP threw his mouthpiece, leading to his ejection with 1:19 seconds remaining. It also gave the Grizzlies a technical free throw, which, fortunately, they missed.

Curry’s recent ejection was the third time in his career. He was also booted off in game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals after hitting a fan with his mouthpiece.

Fortunately, they secured a much-needed win, 122-120, through Jordan’s game-winning layup.

Curry Ejected but did not Blame Poole

In the post-game interview, Curry was asked about the incident and admitted he was surprised he was ejected.

“No. ‘Coz I remember in 2016 when I threw it, and I hit somebody like that’s a clear situation. But this one, I’m sure you just saw how hard I threw it, but it didn’t go into the stands. So it’s kinda like a delayed reaction by the referee.”

He added, “When I threw it, I wasn’t gonna get thrown off the court, so I threw it pretty hard. But I think it didn’t get into the stands or put anybody, you know, in danger. So maybe I did it on the floor too hard. It is what it is.”

Reporters pressed Curry to put the “blame” on Poole. However, the all-time leader in three points disappointed them by blaming the ejection on himself, who responded that it was his fault for letting his “emotions get in the way.”

“Like I said, we needed this win, and in a desperate way, not just because it is Memphis and all the narratives there. It’s about how we’re playing and trying to put on a solid performance, and you know, build some consistency and some momentum.

“JP came out at the gates and, in the fourth quarter, made some big shots and got us some energy. I came in and tried to pick up where he had left off.”

The Warriors are not 24-24 and are currently eight in the West, while the Grizzlies are number 2 with a 31-17 record.

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a very creative money-making organization, and deserving players can get paid the highest amount possible.

Aside from their salary in the league, superstars like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and others also get brand deals. Sponsorships are also on the table.

In a previous blog post, we compared the National Football League (NFL) and the NBA who makes the most money, and when it comes to who has the highest-paid players, the latter won.

According to CNBC, there are three reasons why athletes in NBA get paid so much: “league structure, salary caps, and rules around “guaranteed money” for players.”

As per Bleacher Report’s article, one example is the case of NBA player Joe Johnson. Despite not being a player of the same caliber as Kobe Bryant or Dwayne Wade, he was worth $70 million during his prime years with Atlanta Hawk.

OKBET bettors may remember the 2009-10 season, where Johnson was described as one of the “most coveted free agents.” Despite his decline, analysts expected him to receive a maximum deal.

Bleacher was stunned by how a guard such as Johnson could receive almost the same salary as Bryant and Wade. But that’s how it is in the NBA; your salary will depend on how your team perceives your value and how companies evaluate your popularity.

This ‘22-23 season, here are the top five highest-paid NBA players:

OKBET 5 Highest Paid NBA Players

#1 Stephen Curry – $48 million

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is cooking not only in the league but also in terms of salary. Currently, the NBA 2021-22 Finals MVP and four-time champion is the highest-paid player in the organization.

Based on ESPN, Curry is expected to earn a whopping $48 million by the end of this season. Last 2017, the greatest shooter of all time signed one of the biggest contract extensions in the history of the NBA—$201 million for five years with the Warriors. James Harden later broke the record by signing with the Philadelphia 76ers for $228 million.

#2 Russell Westbrook – $47 million

Westbrook of the Lost Angeles Lakers, despite not being one of the most explosive players in the league, is still earning more than Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis. By the end of this season, Russell will receive $47 million in salary, unlike James ($44.4 million) and Davis ($37 million).

He is also playing fewer minutes than Austin Reaves. So why is he earning more? 

It is because of a 208 million contract back when he was still with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Last season, the Lakers owed him $44.1 million, which jumps to $47 million for this new season.

But after this season, Westbrook will only be on a veteran’s minimum. It is expected to be around more than one million dollars.

#3 LeBron James – $44.4 million

Although now, at age 38, James is still considered to be one of the most dominant players in the league. His dominance reflects in his salary, which is $44.4 million.

The four-time NBA champion and the number two all-time scoring leader’s latest salary is from his two-year contract extension with the Lakers, amounting to 85.6 million.

#4 Kevin Durant – $44.1 million

Durant signed a four-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets for $194,219,320. By joining Kyrie Irving in the Nets, the two-time NBA champ is guaranteed to have $189,078,320.

This ‘22-’23 season, he used his dead cap value of $44,119,845 while having a cap hit of $44,124,845.

#5 Bradley Beal – $43.2 million

The Washington Wizard guard signed a five-year max contract valued at $251,019,650. His contract is also an absolute winner due to a 15 percent trade kicker clause. This agreement applies if Beal gets traded without his contract expiring. 

Also, by the ‘23-’24 season, he will earn an annual salary of $46,741,590.


The highest-paid NBA players receive more than $40 million annually. These are the athletes that are considered superstars and can possibly bring their team a title.

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2022 NBA Finals MVP Stephen Curry returns to the court after suffering from a shoulder injury only to be defeated by an incomplete Phoenix Suns last January 10, 125-113.

Curry started on Tuesday night after missing 11 games because of a subluxation on his left shoulder last December 14. He finished the match with 24 points, three assists, and one rebound.

OKBET Steph Curry returns but defeated

The Warriors are finally complete, while the Suns are missing key players like Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, Cam Johnson, and Cameron Payne, who were out because of an injury. Moreover, Curry returns to the lineup with their match being held at their homecourt—Chase Center.

Suns’ Mikal Bridges led his team in scoring with 26. Former Warriors Damion Lee followed with 22. He hit a three-point shot in the last minute of the first quarter, stapling the lead for good.

The Golden State Warriors could not take the lead from their opponent. By halftime, the Suns’ lead was already at 14.

Described by Philippine Daily Inquirer as “stingy,” the visiting team’s defense pressured the ‘21-’22 NBA champions. Furthermore, Lee damaged his former team by swishing all 14 free throw attempts.

Meanwhile, Klay Thompson was returning to his former self, finishing with 29 points, five rebounds, and a steal. Jordan Poole also had a stellar performance. He had 27 points, six assists, and five rebounds in the loss.

The Warriors are now on a three-game losing streak.

The Suns are now 21-21, with the Golden State trailing behind with 20-21.

Curry Returns but…

Curry was already practicing his shots earlier during the team’s practice last Monday. During his absence, the Warriors had a five-game winning streak.

Unfortunately, their matchup against the Suns showed that Wiggins is still not 100% completely proficient. On the defensive side, he was dominant, recording five steals and two blocks.

However, he had a terrible shooting performance. Out of his 16 field goal attempts, he only made five. He was a -15 that game and had only ten points.

Although the Warriors took care of the ball, unlike the Suns, who had 22 turnovers, they were annihilated defensively. Bridges, Torrey Craig, and Bismack Biyombo had a total of seven blocks that game.

The ‘21-’22 NBA champion was also not shooting very well from the perimeter and long distance. They only had 38.5% field goals and 37.5% on 3s. Meanwhile, their opponent finished with 45.6% and 45.2%.

Since the Suns’ game is the last of the eight-game homestand for the Warriors, OKBET players knew that they were the clear underdogs once they face the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, and Washington Wizards. They will also face the No. 1 Boston Celtics and the No. 5 Cleveland Cavaliers before returning home to meet the Brooklyn Nets.

In this five-game road trip, Curry returns to the Warriors and, hopefully, gives them a win. But what do you think so far?

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