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What is OKBet Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride Raffle?

The biggest and grandest raffle promo of the leading online sportsbook in the Philippines to date! For five months, OKBet will give players up to P3.8 million in prizes through its Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride promo. For each entry, verified members will get a chance to win a brand-new car, a motorcycle, an iPhone, and up to P50,000 free bets!

Read along to learn more about our latest promotion.

General Mechanics:

  1. The Super Jackpot promo will begin on February 1 and end on July 29 at 6 p.m.
  2. The raffle entries’ cut-off is every 5:30 p.m. The announcement of winners is via live broadcast on OKBet’s official Facebook page and shared across its other social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.


To qualify, you must:

  1. Be a fully-verified OKBet player.
  2. Accumulate P50,000 worth of wager for one (1) raffle ticket.  Players can have as many entries before the cut-off of every draw date.

Raffle Draws

  1. The raffle draw will be live via OKBet’s social media platforms. The actual drawing of winners will be held at the OKBet Betting Station in Resorts World Manila.
  2. Drawn winners will receive a call from OKBet’s Customer Service Representative. There will be three (3) attempts per recipient, which will be conducted live on Facebook. Unable to respond to the calls will be subjected to forfeiture of the prize and re-draw.
  3. Participants may only win once on the draw dates but can still participate and win in the next monthly draw.
  4. The Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride raffle is approved and verified by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).


Mark the following dates and have a chance to win the following prizes!

Awarding of Prizes

  1. All prizes, including the free bet prizes, are not transferable and convertible to cash.
  2. Prizes will be forfeited if not claimed within 30 days after the raffle.
  3. Recipients of the free bet must fully use ALL of the bets. Only the winnings earned through the free stakes can be claimed.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All games available on the OKBet site are eligible for the Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride promo.
  2. In accordance with PAGCOR Rules and Regulations, all newly registered players shall deposit one thousand pesos (Php1,000.00) in their account as a security deposit. Players may use the said amount after thirty (30) days.
  3. OKBet employees and their relatives up to the second-degree affinity or consanguinity, gaming site operators, banned personalities, and government officials or employees are not eligible to join all OKBet promotions.
  4. OKBet reserves the right to change and terminate this promotion without prior notice, subject to PAGCOR approval.
  5. OKBet will shoulder all marketing materials, taxes, and prizes.
  6. General OKBet Terms and Conditions apply.

Irregularities and Resolution

If there are irregularities, the management will decide on a solution based on the company’s policies and with PAGCOR’s approval.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I track my points in the Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride promo?

Every player who logs in on their OKBet account will receive a points notification for the electronic raffle promo.

How will I know if I have already qualified for the draw?

Once a player reaches the total wager of P50,000, a system-generated raffle coupon from us will be sent through your registered email. OKBet will also send it via text message or call your phone number.

Can I still watch the raffle draw even if I do not qualify for the Super Jackpot promo?

Yes! Players will receive an invite notification during the raffle dates, which we will send through email and SMS.

Can I withdraw my free bets?

No. Only the winnings you earned from using the free bets on OKBet are eligible for cash outs.

I have multiple tickets,  can I manually choose where to use my other earned raffle tickets?

No, you cannot. Tickets earned will be included in the raffles regardless of the draw dates. You cannot choose where and when you will use your raffle coupons. However, tickets that did not win are still included in the next monthly raffles of OKBet’s Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride. That way, you still have the chance to win in either the car raffle, motorcycle draw, or even in the phone giveaway.

For example, you collected five raffle entries during the first month of the promo. You wanted to use them only during the car raffle. It is not allowed since your tickets are included in the minor raffle, the phone giveaway, and the motorcycle draw.

The good thing here is that tickets that did not win are still valid until the end of the promo. So there is still a chance for you to get any of the prizes.


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