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OKBET Sign Up – Best Sports Betting Site

2080 views June 30, 2022

OKBET Sign Up – Best Sports Betting Site

OKBET Sign-up legit website makes it easy for you bettors to register. The website OKBET is a new betting service in the Philippines that offers Filipinos a great bookmaker with a wide selection of sports. OKBET is an online sportsbook offering live/in-play betting owned by Ekxinum Inc. It supports downloadable software and the ability to place a bet without downloading.

With OKBET sign-up online legit website, we will guide you through a simple process on how to register. This can help you create your betting account easily and quickly. Also, it can reduce your time and save energy to make a bet after simple registration.

Step 1:

To create an OKBET account, you must go to the OKBET website (

Step 2:

On the OKBET right side of the website, click the yellow sign-up button.

Step 3:

When first clicked, an OKBET sign-up form may appear on your screen, which requires that you must fill it out with the following:

Referral Code: When someone convinces you to sign up for OKBET, they will give you a referral code. Also, you can refer people, send them codes, and get a referral bonus.

Username: You must select a unique username for the website to approve (if the username is already obtained, it will appear on the screen)

Password: When choosing a password, you must combine lowercase and uppercase letters with memorable characters and numbers. Use a secure and unique password for the security of your OKBET account.

Confirm Password: Retype the selected password to see if the two match.

Withdraw Pin: Enter your withdrawal pin. When you bet and win, you can use it to withdraw your profits as soon as possible.

Phone Number: Provide your active mobile number to receive notifications and updates on your OKBET account.

SMS verification code: After you enter your active mobile number, it will send you a security code to link your mobile number to your OKBET account.

When you receive an SMS verification code, enter the code inside the box and click “sign up.”

Final step:

Finally, you can now log in to your OKBET account on the right side of the OKBET website (Login blue button)

So now, congratulations, you are part of OKBET. Play now, bet more, and win today!


OKBET sign-up offers you the best online entertainment experience. One of the best things about the OKBET online legit website is that it allows you to place your bets on your favorite battles without worrying about anything. OKBET provides its customers with an easy-to-use gaming website where they can place bets or track game results. This website is a beginner-friendly sportsbook because you can bet on the move using your Android or iOS device. So, Play now, and claim OKBET Free bet today.

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