Get a bonus if you refer a friend (up to 15 percent)

1. If you get up to four friends to sign up, you can get up to a 10% bonus on their first deposit. On the other hand, if you sign up with five or more friends, you can get a 15% bonus on their first deposit.

Friend 1Php 1,00010%Php 100
Friend 2Php 1,00010%Php 100
Friend 3Php 1,00010%Php 100
Friend 4Php 1,00010%Php 100
Friend 5Php 1,00010%Php 100
Friend 6Php 1,00010%Php 100
Friend 7Php 1,00010%Php 100
TOTALPhp 1,150

2. To be able to withdraw the invitation bonus, you must meet a one-time turnover requirement.

3. This Refer a Friend promotion is open to active OKBET members who have already made their security deposit and been verified by KYC. They must also have made a minimum deposit of Php 100 or more.

4. On OKBET, each member can only have one account.

5. OKBET has the right to change this promotion or end it at any time without notice.

6. Maximum invitation bonus to be provided per account is Php 3,000.

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