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El Koala Online Casinos Game in Spain and Okbet Gaming App

2240 views August 4, 2022

El Koala Online Casinos Game in Spain and Okbet Gaming App

MGA and Okbet games is a company that makes localized slot games for operators worldwide. It just released its latest Spanish Celebrities game in Spain, which stars the singer known as El Koala.

This singer from Malaga went by the stage name El Koala, his nickname when he filled in as a bricklayer on building locales. He started a new musical style called “Rustic Rock,” and his first album sold 40,000 copies, which earned him a Gold Record. The music video for his most memorable single from this album, “Opá, yo viazé un corrá” (Dad, I’m going to make a chicken run), a huge hit and got millions of views before there were social media networks. At the time, his video was among the 30 most watched on YouTube, with more than 21 million views. El Koala has had a very successful music career since then. Recently, he has been on several TV shows and reality shows, including Big Brother VIP.

El Koala Slot Game

This three-reel slot game is all about music and having a good time. El Koala’s mega-hit turned into a video game by Quike Tejada’s production company, which is responsible for the sound and music for MGA Games’ games. Also, El Koala himself did the voiceovers for the slot game, which has a lot of humor and will keep players smiling and having fun.

The El Koala slot game shows how much the musician likes rock music and the country. It also lets players visit his farm and learn about his life there. Players see that taking care of the land gives them fruit and great prizes. The best bonuses are won when electric guitars, baskets of vegetables, bales of hay, and chicken coops all show up simultaneously.

This high-end slot machine game also has four mini-games (3 on the upper screen and one on the main game screen). Players can play the mini-games when they get certain prize lines. The mini-games include concrete mixers full of euros, farm fields full of prizes, chicken coops with pleasant surprises. And haystacks that hide great tips.

El Koala is real, just like its main character, who is loved by everyone wherever he goes. El Koala’s charisma and energy will soon be available to casino players. From July 18, all MGA Games online casino customers in Spain will be able to play the slot game.

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