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Weirdest Gambling Strategies Gamblers Believe

1025 views April 24, 2023
by TJ

Gambling has been a popular pastime for centuries, with people constantly trying to develop new strategies that sometimes lead to some of the weirdest game plans.

While some techniques are based on sound logic or the number game, the following methods will make you wonder: Why?

Same Numbers, Why Not?

We all know gamblers are superstitious. From a rabbit’s foot to wearing red underwear for luck, some bettors stick to a certain number or set of numbers. Using the numbers a few times may have won them, but logically speaking, there is no scientific explanation that sticking with a same number or numbers can help one find success.

But we understand, especially since the same number strategy is commonly used in lottery or roulette. However, experts are torn on whether the method is effective or not. 

Some theories claim that the probability of getting picked increases if the numbers have not yet been drawn. Other assumptions argue that the method will not work, so using the same numbers strategy is not 100 percent guaranteed to make someone a winner.

If this works or not, this surely tops our list of weirdest gambling strategies!

OkBet Weirdest Gambling Strategies

Maximum Bets on Slots? Game!

One of the weirdest gambling strategies we have stumbled upon is the belief that when playing slots, it is best to wager with the maximum amount. Sounds foolish, right?

We found it bizarre due to the fact that gambling can be addictive. Without control, it may lead to financial ruin, and using this strategy can quickly burn a deep hole in someone’s pockets.

Nevertheless, the maximum bets strategy is very popular among jackpot slots players because of how the RTP increases in line with the wager.

It is a high-risk-high-reward method that can only work for a gambler with infinite resources. If the bankroll is tight, do not use this strategy.

Surprise, Surprise

This might be the weirdest strategy on the list because, honestly, it does not make sense. Yet, many apply this technique (although it is a belief). Covering their eyes for a ‘dramatic’ effect on the result is very common among players.

This is typically not a strategy but a superstition. Some players even believe they will not influence the random number generator if they close their eyes.

For Each Spin, Wait 17 Seconds

You may be wondering why the recommended waiting time in the strategy is 17 seconds—specifically. This strategy implies that since 17 is a prime number, there is a need for a 17-second pause before spinning again to make the game more volatile.

This method is effective because it helps players play at a slower pace. It helps avoid smashing the spin button again and again, which may cause your bankroll to dwindle faster if you hit a losing streak.

While it is among the weirdest gambling strategies, it is also one of the most rational and safest techniques players can use.

Tournaments Only

Playing only in tournaments is not the weirdest gambling strategy because it is very common among players. Experts also advised that an effective method, if a player wants to be good, is joining tournaments only.

Many of these competitions allow amateur players to join. Also, the fees are flat, giving players a chance to organize their bankroll before joining.

Moreover, organizers sometimes allow only the initial qualifying wager, giving more freedom to players afraid of spending too much money.


Indeed, strategies can sometimes work or not. It all depends on the player’s playstyle. 

There is also no guarantee that these methods can bring huge fortune to those who use them. However, looking for the best strategy to perfect is like trial and error. If you are willing to search for the best technique that can make you win big, you have to try many methods and devise many game plans to see which one works for you.

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