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Weirdest Casinos You Can Gamble

1057 views February 14, 2023
by TJ

Have you ever tried gambling in one of the weirdest casinos ever to be built? While many gambling houses are fascinating and luxurious, some offer a one-of-a-kind experience that makes these places worth the visit.

While the most famous casinos are located in Las Vegas, unique gambling experiences can be found across the globe, which we will discuss in this OKBET blog.

Virtual Reality Casino

Starting on this list is a casino founded by Slot Million. Probably they anticipated that the global population would be locked in their homes, thus creating the first virtual reality casino.

The Oculus Rift system allows virtual visitors to gamble easily without going to an actual casino. Since it is in a virtual world, you will be walking “virtually” across the aisles of its gaming lounge. You can also interact with the games and play slot machines as a normal person does.

While it is a unique experience, it also poses a disadvantage for gamblers who are not into technology. On the other hand, online casinos such as OKBET can be an alternative, especially with the many games they offer.

Esperanza Base

The Esperanza Base became part of the weirdest casinos list because who would have thought that an outpost in the Antarctic could become a gambling venue, right? Moreover, it is so remote that casino games are limited.

However, just thinking you can gamble in Antarctica is exciting and weird at the same time.

Casino Pyongyang and Imperial Hotel & Casino

Is North Korea keen on gambling? Apparently, yes. Casino Pyongyang and the Imperial Hotel and Casino in Rason are the only casinos in the Democratic People’s Republic allowed to operate. Its sole purpose is to host foreign players, particularly Chinese gamblers and tourists. Unfortunately, if you are a citizen of North Korea, you are prohibited from entering any gambling establishments, let alone gambling.

The Desert Cave

Suppose you want to be one with nature while gambling. Try the Desert Cave Hotel in Australia, which is the perfect casino. It was located in a “strange” mining town with its residents living underground.

Umberto Coro wanted to share their way of life, so he envisioned building a hotel inside a cave. Unfortunately, he had a tragic accident in 1986 and could not see his dream come to life.

However,  his son, Robert, fulfilled his father’s wish and, in 1988, opened the first desert cave casino. It has 16 slot machines and a pool. It also has a restaurant inside it.

Desert Cave Hotel is such an exclusive casino. But the casino, being weird, is why it is on the list.

North Cadbury Court

So why is this casino in England included in this list? Probably because it is one of the smallest gambling venues in the world. It can only accommodate 30 visitors inside and is located in the basement of a luxurious house.

Although it can only have 30 gamblers, those who are lucky enough will be dealt with by professional dealers. Though not a popular casino, it has attractive bonuses and prizes.


X-Train Casino is a unique concept aimed at warming up gamblers before going to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. With the journey taking 5.5 hours, passengers can already try their luck in the casino games inside the train. Besides the games, there will also be a sports bar, food, and beverages.

The 14-car train is set to launch in 2023 as part of the newest attraction of Sin City.

Taxi Cab Casino

Gambling on the go became a trend in London as a Taxi Cab Casino became the world’s smallest casino—and on the go. The cab is situated in Birmingham; you can hail it and play solo.

The taxi offers typical gambling games. It also includes a minibar, which your “personal” dealer will mix for you. Moreover, riding the cab is free and will take passengers near Hill Street Casino in exchange for a small donation to the charity of the casino cab’s choosing.

Prison Casino

Probably the weirdest casino in the world is located in the Nevada state prison, and its patrons are the prisoners. Unfortunately, the casino was abolished, but prison officials attested that there were fewer violent incidents or fights during its reign.

OKBET weirdest casinos


The casinos listed above are the weirdest in the world. Some are established to provide unique experiences to gamblers, while others are recreational. But all in all, the establishments, for sure, have made each of their visitors the best gambling memory they will ever have. And if you have the time and resources, try and visit one of these casinos and have a one-of-a-kind experience.

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