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Wazdan Brand-new Cash Infinity Feature in 9 Coins App

1868 views July 25, 2022

Wazdan Brand-new Cash Infinity Feature in 9 Coins App

Wazdan, a top provider of online casino games, has just decided to combine new mechanics and exciting features into the Cash Infinity feature, the latest way to play games. The new game, called 9 Coins, gives users a unique experience.

The company’s newest game has an exciting “Cash Infinity” feature, which makes it more likely that you will get to the bonus round. This simple feature keeps people interested, which helps operators get better results.

Playing this okbet online slot allows you to enjoy fast-paced action on nine reels and a grid that works like a respin. If you get three extra images on the middle reel, the Hold the Jackpot bonus round will begin. Also, you won’t see regular signs during the main game, and you can only win prizes during the bonus round.

In the bonus round, Cash symbols pay from 1x to 5x the bet, and Cash Infinity symbols pay anywhere from 5x to 10x. On the reels, you can also win one of three jackpots. Collector elements add all of the values from Cash and Cash Infinity elements and boost them by a random amount, from 1x to 9x. The mystery symbols can change into other bonus symbols except for the Cash Infinity symbols. And also, if you hit all nine spots, the Grand Jackpot of 500x will be yours.

The Cash Infinity feature is the newest way to play games.

Andrzej Hyla, the Chief Officer at Wazdan, said this about the newest item in the catalog:

“9 Coins combines our hugely popular Hold the Jackpot bonus with our new and exciting Cash Infinity feature, allowing players to enjoy an immersive, bonus-first game with spectacular results.

“It’s a fast-paced new game that we’ve added to our line-up. Players will enjoy its unique twist. The new Cash Infinity feature is a great way to keep players interested and keep them playing. We think that our loyal followers will love this one.”

Wazdan is a top-notch company started by people who wanted to make exciting content. It brings together innovation, technology, and creativity, and more than 150 passionate people work there. They’ve been making games for over ten years and are still improving.

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