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Video Poker Explained for Beginners

1401 views November 7, 2022
by TJ

Video Poker Explained for Beginners

The popularity of video poker in the iGaming industry is extraordinary. It is one of the most exciting casino games ever. The popularity of slot machines is second only to video poker, which is simple to grasp while being a bit sophisticated. The two casino favorites, nevertheless, are frequently compared to one another. That’s because their playing machines at first had a uniform appearance.

What is Video Poker?

It’s a 52-deck card game, and the cards are shuffled in each round. It’s interesting that joker cards are allowed in one kind of game but not in others, like blackjack, where they don’t count. Additionally, video poker is simple to play, even for beginners, because our beginner’s guide will outline all the necessary criteria. You’ll be playing VP at advanced levels, where you’ll be when we’ve finished fine-tuning you.

A Brief History of Video Poker

Let’s go back in time to before most of us were born. Despite not being an old guard among casino games, the history of video poker is intriguing. Sittman and Pitt Company created the first poker machine in 1891. Each reel of the machine’s five drums or reels contained ten playing cards. The player would insert a penny and pull the handle to start the machine spinning. The five drums would then stop spinning after each showing a card that eventually formed a poker hand.

The “Card Bell” poker machine was created in 1898 by Charles Fey, often known as “The Father of The Slot Machine.” The card bell would pay a maximum of 20 cents for a Royal Flush. Then, in 1901, he created the “Skill Draw” machine, which allowed players to hold cards to strengthen their hands. The first five-card draw mechanism was designed as a consequence.

The hold feature attracted most gamblers because it gave them the impression that they could skew the chances of winning in their favor. In 1970, Dale Electronics created the first video poker machine, called Poker Matic. It didn’t take off right away, but Si Redd helped it gain notoriety in 1981.

Si Redd changed the name of his business, SIRCOMA, to IGT (International Gaming Technology), a well-known software provider today. Patrons increasingly adopted video poker machines in casinos.

The Video Poker World of Today

Online video poker quickly gained popularity among gamblers. Video poker is an industrial explosion because it involves skill and allows you to hold cards that will improve your hand. Physical casinos started to lose video poker players gradually.

When you can play conveniently from home, why go to a physical casino where you could miss a VP machine? That is made possible by well-known game developers like IGT, NetEnt, and Microgaming, among others. Welcome to the 21st century, where the game has fully changed and utterly transformed the online gaming industry.

You may now play the game from any location. All you need to get started are an Internet connection, a PC, a tablet, and a mobile device (Android or iOS). The game may be played in a huge variety of ways, which increases its attractiveness.

Additionally, the online versions employ the Random Number Generator software to guarantee that all game outcomes are entirely random. As a result, all game outcomes are legitimate, fair, and not predetermined. Video poker will provide you with the finest winning potential because it has the best odds of any casino game.

How to Play Video Poker

video poker

Video poker is simple to play. Getting a specific set of cards that will help you create a winning hand is the holy grail of poker. You must place a bet before the game starts, as is customary for all casino games. Playing video poker requires credits or coins, unlike other card games that need playing chips, such as blackjack. You can wager up to five coins every hand in casinos. Various coins are available, some with values as low as $0.20. The minimum wager on several other sites is similarly $0.10.

Select your optimal wager and click the deal button. You’ll get five cards based on the 5-card draw rule chosen randomly by the RNG program. You could choose to retain some cards or discard some, depending on the deck and game version you’re using. Additionally, you can discard every card to build a winning hand. After the draw, you will be compensated following the paytable if you have a winning hand or a combination of cards.

Here are the simple basics for playing video poker:

  • Decide how many credits or coins you like to use for betting.
  • To obtain cards on your hand, press draw/deal.
  • To keep any relevant cards, choose hold. The remaining cards will all be discarded.
  • To complete your hand after holding a few cards, click draw/deal.
  • Payouts are provided if you win.

After finishing the previous hand, click draw to play another one.

The video poker paytable may have five columns of various playing hands. You win (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) depending on the coins you bet. The payments are described in this guide’s section on odds.

Different Video Poker Hands

You are now aware of the game’s guidelines and how to play. Famous hands in online video poker are next. In VP, a hand refers to the cards you currently have. These hands pay out vary depending on the variation you’re playing. Always strive to have the most substantial hand possible. A round starts when you get your cards and concludes when you either win the game or decide to fold.

1. Royal Flush

2. Straight Flush

3. Four of a Kind

4. Full House

5. Flush

6. Straight

7. Three of a Kind

8. Two Pairs

9. Pair of Jacks or Better

Websites to Play Video Poker

If you’re fortunate enough to get that winning hand, you’ll have a bankroll that ordinary mortals would only dare to dream of. Below are the casinos we suggest:

OKBET Casino

Although OKBET, founded in 2021, is a relative newbie to the gambling industry, they have earned a sterling reputation among players for providing cutting-edge video poker games, attentive customer care, and quick payouts. Of course, new players may take advantage of a sizable sign-up bonus and provide several deposit alternatives, including gcash.

Ignition Casino

We now recommend Ignition Casino to players from the USA or Australia. In addition to Bonus Deuces Wild, Joker Poker 1 Hand, 3 Hands or 10 Hands, Jacks or Better 1 Hand, 3 Hands or 10 Hands, and Double Double Bonus Poker, Ignition Casino provides eight other variations of video poker.

Wild Casino

This online casino caters to US players by providing a secure gaming environment and helpful customer support. The top-notch software offers a wide range of games, including Tens or Better, Joker Poker, Double Joker, Deuces Wild, Faces & Faces, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild in single-hand variations. Additionally, they provide multi-hand versions of the games: Deuces Wild, Deuces & Poker, Double Joker, Tens or Better, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, Double Joker, and Aces & Faces. All new players receive a sizable bonus, and there are several deposit and quick cashout methods.

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