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Valorant Night Market 2022 in App

1742 views September 16, 2022

Valorant Night Market 2022 in App

The OKBet Valorant Night Market is finally coming back in July. For a limited time, players can get premium skins at a discount. Here is all the information you need.

How to Get to the Valorant Night Market in July 2022

Start your OKBet Valorant game and sign in with your Riot account. It will show you your lucky skins. At 8 p.m. EST, the Night Market logo will appear next to where your Valorant Points and Radianite Points are. You will go to your Night Market when you click on the logo.

When you go to your Night Market, you will see six cards. The skin and discount will show up when you click on each card. Then, you have to choose which skins you want to buy and show them off to your companions.

The Night Market is a typical occasion where players can buy random skins for their weapons for less than they would normally. It happens about every two months and lasts for about a month. Many players look forward to the Night Market, hoping their store will be full of their most-wanted skins for less money.

When and where does the Valorant Night Market open?

Riot Games said on Twitter that the Night Market would start again on July 20 at 8 p.m. EST and end on August 2. You can take up to 40% off the price of random skins in a player’s unique market. 

5 Useful Skins that No One Wants in the Night Market

This week, the OKBet Valorant Night Market will be back with discounted skins for those who want to save money. Skins are not all the same, and some are much more desirable than others. Still, there always seem to be a few that aren’t as popular and that always seem to show up. Thus, in light of that, the following are 5 Valorant Skins that we think nobody will want to see in their Night Market.

Galleria Classic

Everyone in the game has a Classic skin. There’s something for everyone, from the Prime Classic and the RGX Classic to the Spectrum and Glitchpop Classics and even the Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic. Also, if you’re on a tight budget or don’t have one, you can get cool designs and color schemes from the agent-specific ones you get when you finish their contracts, like KAY/Fire/Arm O’s Classic or Chambers’ Finesse Classic.

Nebula Guardian

If done well, galaxy and space-themed skins can be exciting. When the Nebula skins came out, they briefly caught the attention of Valorant fans because they were the first of many skins to have a “green screen” skin that, when looked at closely, showed a nearly entire piece of artwork related to the bundle.

Luxe Ghost

When OKBet Valorant was first released, players didn’t have many options for how their weapons looked. Those who wanted a change had to either use the standard weapons without skins or try to find something that worked for them among the few options they had.

Smite Knife

You might have seen this one coming. The Smite Knife skin has become a meme because it tricks players into thinking they’re getting a good discounted skin, only to disappoint them when it shows up. Even though this list only mentions the knife, you can use the same reasoning to talk about the Smite Classic, Phantom, Judge, and Odin. 

The Ghost of Tethered Realms

Like the Nebula Guardian skins, the green screen skins have excellent effects and niches. However, there are a lot of solid Ghost skins, so it’s hard to stand out and get potential buyers’ attention.

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