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Top Expensive Sports 99% of People Cannot Play

1177 views February 17, 2023
by TJ

Some sports are not made for everyone, and throughout the world, there are at least four most expensive games, definitely not made for the commoners—proving that the separation between the rich and the poor can also exist in an activity that binds people together.

Although there is a disparity, there are explanations as to why the sports listed here cannot be played by those with ‘limited’ resources. We will explain it further as we go along this OKBET post.

OKBET Top expensive sports in the world


The first on our list involves riding a horse. Called Equestrian, this sport, according to Playo, involves running, steeple chasing, and vaulting while on a horse. This is among the top expensive sports in the world because a powerful animal, like a horse, can only be enjoyed by those who have deep pockets.

As per the website White Rose Equestrian Center, the annual maintenance cost of a single horse is an average of $23,903. If it includes boarding in a show barn, it goes up to $48,480.

But if someone includes the training and the travel expense, it can balloon to $200,000 per year.

The value of a performance horse also depends on its pedigree. Some may be around $500, but they can go up to $1 million.

Participants in equestrian are extremely wealthy, just like business magnate Bill Gates’ daughter, Jennifer. The late Steve Jobs’ daughter is also taking up the sport; so does Georgina Bloomberg, the child of Bloomberg’s CEO, Michael.

Formula 1

Before having sponsors from major car manufacturers like Ferrari or Mercedes, a Formula One driver has to use their own money to acquire a vehicle suitable for F1 racing.

An F1 race car is about $12 million to $15 million, said the website En San. Furthermore, professional drivers must consider that their lives are always at risk whenever they are on track.

Also, an aspiring pro driver should have at least invested a million dollars, provided the registration fee for a car is priced at $190,000.


This sport is probably the easiest to manage once you acquire a boat. Annual maintenance, including docking and insurance fees, as per the website Improve Sailing, is around $2000 to $7000. But sailing is one the most expensive sports there is, especially how much a boat costs.

An ordinary boat costs about $50,000 to $100,000. However, it could also reach a great price of $50 million to $100 million, meaning players of this sport must be at least billionaires.

Also, the sport is seasonal in most countries. So the boat stays docked for almost the rest of the year.

Festival of Speed

A native sport in New Zealand, Festival of Speed is only innate in Whitianga, and it is not your typical sport. It is because the matchups in the race are bizarre: jet skis versus helicopters or even parachutes against powerboats.

The vehicles in the Festival of Speed make it part of this list. According to Rarest, the cost of playing this sport is millions of dollars.


There are many sports all around the world. However, some games are not meant to be played by ordinary people because of their cost. This is why 99% of the population will only stick to games that do not burn a pocket in their holes.

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