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Tidal Gaming’s to Sign Live In-Game

1671 views July 15, 2022

Tidal Gaming’s to Sign Live In-Game

Tidal Gaming Group Corp, a leading esports and gaming platform company. Has announced that Sportsflare is a wholly-owned division of Tidal Gaming. Bayes Esports has exclusive esports data rights to provide accurate live data for popular games like League of Legends. It has also built BEDEX, the central hub for esports data. Also, it collects and distributes official data from live esports events to bookmakers, broadcasting teams, esports organizations, and the media. 

These data protect against mistakes, make it easier to handle risks, and give products more detail. So, this agreement makes it possible to make the next generation of okbet in-play. Betting products for esports, such as “Flash Markets.”

As a new client, Bayes Esports will provide live data that Sportsflare will use to improve its industry-leading odds. Products for esports, such as Betbuilder, pre-match/in-play odds, and player proposition markets. It will also sell the effects of Sportsflare through Bayes Esports’ client network, which comprises Tier-1 sportsbooks. The Company paid a fixed monthly fee for Sportsflare’s products. And will get a cut of all the money that the end client bets.

Live In-Game and Online Casino

Tidal Gaming is a professional organization for esports, betting, and entertainment. With a history in esports that goes back to 2010. Their competitive team, Lazarus Esports, is Canada’s first well-known esports brand and the highest-earning competitive team.

Lazarus Esports is one of the oldest and most successful gaming brands. It has a mix of competitive teams and players, and content creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Tidal Gaming repurchased Lazarus in 2018 but didn’t finish buying its other Company, Sportsflare, until 2020. Sportsflare is the leading AI betting technology that gives sportsbooks and platforms esports odds. Bet builders (parlays), micro markets, bet on yourself (BoY), and streamer-to-streamer betting.

Sportflare is one of the world’s most innovative, accurate, and top B2B esports betting companies. Both Amazon and Zillow have mentioned them.

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