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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Casinos

1499 views January 17, 2023
by TJ

There are things you probably didn’t know about casinos, facts that would make your jaw drop and make you wonder: How?! Why?!

OKBET Things You Probably didn't know about casinos

This blog post will not discuss the invention of gambling houses but the things most people were unaware of. Here are the things you probably didn’t know:

Gums were the Saving Grace of Slot Machines

One thing you probably didn’t know about casinos is that at the end of the 19th century, the United States of America banned any form of gambling. Hence, slot machine owners were forced to modify their machines. Dealers replaced monetary winnings with chewing gum, and the card suits became fruits.

Now, the flavor of the gum all depends on the winning combination of the pictures. By abiding by the laws imposed by America, slot owners could keep their slot machines and still spread the word about how fun gambling is.

Because fruits are more popular than card suits, it remained even when the ban was lifted. If it weren’t for innovative owners, slots would not evolve and even conquer the digital platform. Online slot machines can be played in online casinos like PAGCOR-licensed OKBET.

First Slot Machine was Where?!

Another thing you probably didn’t know is that the first slot machine was not located inside a casino. Actually, the first version of this game was invented in 1894.

A car shop owner named Charles Fay came up with the idea to have his clients gamble as mechanics repair their cars. He installed a simple machine—a three-reel—that piqued the interest of casinos. Fay’s invention became a favorite of casino operators, and they bought it from him, giving birth to slot machines.

Roulette, a Lowkey Devil?

Ever wonder why people called roulette the “Devil’s Wheel”? It’s because when you add up all the game numbers, the total is 666!

Gambling and superstitions can be attributed to each other, but there is nothing better than becoming a responsible gambler. This is why OKBET encourages all its bettors to practice moderation whenever they play.

Casino on the go, everyone?

We usually see casinos in big cities, all towering against each other, right? Las Vegas, popularly known as “Sin City,” is filled with all the gambling activities people can imagine.

However, all of these land-based casinos are stationary. Not for this one-of-a-kind casino—a taxi.

The Grosvenor Casino in London is considered the world’s smallest casino. It is found in the back of a taxi car. However, all a gambler needs are in there: a gaming table, a dealer, a bar, and a television with all the sports channels.

Prisoners can be Gamblers

Due to the high gambling demand, convicts were allowed to play casino games, especially in Nevada.

The penitentiary in Carson City entertained its prisoners by allowing them to gamble. They allowed this form of entertainment from 1932 until 1976, where inmates could play dice, blackjack, and poker.


Somehow, Gambling Saved FedEx

You probably didn’t know this about casinos: that they saved FedEx from foreclosure. It happened in 1973 when owner, Frederick Smith, risked the remaining $5000 of his company and gambled in Las Vegas. 

Fortunately, his risk-taking paid off. Smith won $27,000 in blackjack, hence preventing the company’s downfall.

FedEx withstood the financial challenges thanks to Smith’s double-edged idea. They accumulated $11 million; in 1976, the company earned its first profits.

Viva Las Woman!

Did you know that a woman was the first casino owner to conduct gambling activities in Las Vegas? Yes, that is right. And she did it the right way. In 1920, Mayme Stocker owned the first legal casino license for her Northern Club.

Her gambling house offered only five games allowed in Vegas during that time: stud poker, draw poker, lowball poker, 500, and bridge.

You can still Gamble in Japan

The Japanese despised gambling so much that the only allowed gambling activities were horse betting, bicycle races, motorcycle races, and motorboat races. Furthermore, Japan’s government or municipal bodies operate and self-regulate these games.

But if there’s a will, there’s a way. Japanese bettors found a loophole: Pachinko parlors. Pachinko is similar to a slot machine, with silver balls as rewards. They can be traded for alcohol, toys, or other prizes. However, patrons can request a “special prize” token, which can be redeemed at a different, state-regulated shop. You can exchange them for cash, which is also equivalent to gambling.

Do Not Walk Barefooted in a Casino!

Some gamblers have taken things way too far that therapists discovered that gambling addicts are “so impaired” they urinate where they stand/ Sometimes, they wear adult diapers so as not to step away from a gaming table or a slot machine.

For example, a gambler filed a complaint against a casino in Indiana in 2007. Apparently, he sat on a slot machine chair soaked with urine.

Another incident happened in 2015 when a man from New Jersey relieved himself by peeing into a slot machine’s coin slot. His reason? He would not leave the gaming floor.

It’s Not Las Vegas

Surprisingly, Sin City is not considered the world’s gambling capital. In fact, the city of Macau is the largest gambling city and its revenues in 2012 were five times more than Las Vegas.

Vegas relies on penny slots, but in Macau, where gambling in a casino is legal, its profits were from high rollers making humungous bets at VIP table games.

1950 Vegas Profited on Atomic Bomb Testings

Vegas really knows how to make money. In the 1950s, the U.S. Department of Energy began detonating over one thousand nuclear bombs just 65 miles away from Sin City.

Instead of being horrified, they turned it into a golden opportunity by making money off the bombs’ detonation schedules and having tourists pay to watch the mushroom clouds. They made it a spectacle in Vegas and organized Atomic Bomb Parties with drinks like “atomic cocktails” at the bars. At one point, a beauty pageant called “Miss Atomic Energy” was held, complete with accessories such as little mushroom cloud outfits.


Gambling is not only about winning and earning money; it can be rich in history and trivia too. Evidently, this listicle proved that there are interesting facts about casinos that most people, including OKBET players, probably didn’t know about.

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