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The Top 5 Newest Roblox VR Games

1477 views November 11, 2022
by TJ

The Top 5 Newest Roblox VR Games

You’ll be excited to hear that there are now many VR games you can play if you enjoy Roblox. There is sure to be a game ideal for you, whether you’re seeking something to shoot hoops in or want to explore a new environment. The top five Roblox VR games are shown below.

1. Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay

Have you ever considered how the world may appear if there were a zombie apocalypse? You don’t have to imagine situations in your brain, though. Play the horror game Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay on the Roblox platform by simply donning your VR headset. The game setting places you in a region where zombies are running amok and seeking their prized brains.

Furthermore, it has a The Walking Dead vibe about it. To seek and destroy the zombies, you are provided with various tools. It would be beneficial if you exercised caution to avoid becoming one. The game’s objective is to exterminate every zombie in the region, and unless you are the terminator, working together with buddies will simplify this task. Playing alongside your buddies makes it simpler to devise plans and save bitten friends before they transform into monsters with a voracious appetite for brains.

2. Paranormica VR

How about one final thrill with the terrifying Roblox VR game Paranormica as Halloween ends? Not for the weak of heart, the game. You get to take part in scientifically advanced and highly technological paranormal investigations. But this game is perfect for you if you don’t mind being startled.

With ominous background music and unpleasant sounds that make you sweat, the game offers an immersive experience. Using an ouija board, you’ll scale the hallways of a haunted mansion in quest of spirits. Teaming up with your pals will create a more exciting encounter.

There are many hidden items throughout the game. You’ll discover, for instance, that putting a crucifix around discourages the devils. Additionally, the game has grown in popularity as a result of videos that players have uploaded to Tiktok and Youtube. My favorite among fans of horror games is Paranormica VR. This game will indeed reveal where you fall on the “scared cat” to “braveheart” spectrum if you want to gauge your level of bravery.

3. VR Laser Tag

roblox vr games

Being tagged has long been a popular kid’s pastime. There’s a fun, nostalgic sensation when you’re running about and avoiding the laser tag. If you’re nostalgic for the good old days of the title like I am and want to play one again, Laser Tag by Robox will transport you there.

Neon lights illuminate a pitch-black chamber where the game is played. The darkness enhances the excitement of spotting shadows in the dark and tracking down your enemies. You may play in teams with your buddies and laser-tag the opposing players to make it more entertaining.

The team with the most points wins this virtual game of laser tag, and the regulations are still in effect. A sound approach will thus put you in a better position than cowering in the shadows and hoping to be the last man standing. The game can be played without a VR headset, but why would you want to forgo the immersive experience? Try it out right now.

4. Escape Room

Have you ever considered yourself in an escape room? Feeling anxious as you search for hints in a square space with four walls you’ve never seen before? If this motivates you, you should try the Roblox Escape Room in virtual reality.

You can go around the rooms in first person using your VR headset and open the doors before time runs out. In such a short time, there are many places to explore. Spending even a precious second carelessly might make the game drag on and lock you in one of the chambers. You wouldn’t want to be confined to the space indefinitely, right? (I’m joking.) You can work with pals to complete the challenge in a certain amount of time to gain your freedom.

5. Cook Burgers VR

All you foodies, take note! If food is your favorite thing in the entire world, you’ll like this Roblox VR game. As the name suggests, you’ll get the opportunity to learn what it’s like to operate and prepare a burger restaurant. By completing orders from customers, you must make sure your firm survives. Simple errors will cost you money and unavoidably, annoy your clients.

It simply doesn’t end there. Additionally, you must manage every aspect of the kitchen. It includes keeping track of the inventory, placing additional orders for supplies, and eliminating pests while maintaining positive client relations. You get to learn firsthand what it’s like to operate a fast-food restaurant alone as a cook, cleaner, or exterminator.


The game’s soundtrack completes the intense survival tale experience. As you go through the stages, more locations might be unlocked. This captivating Roblox VR game has something for everyone, from navigating mazes to battling zombies.

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