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The Pools Dispatches Free to Play Game for Women’s Euros

1665 views July 15, 2022

The Pools Dispatches Free to Play Game for Women’s Euros

Okbet Footie 5 allows players to win a £25,000 jackpot if they correctly predict the scores of the next five games. In honor of the 2022 UEFA European Women’s Football Championship, The Pools has made its first game about women’s football.

With the Lionesses in good form, many people think they will win. The free-to-play Footie 5 game from the Pools. Gives fans a chance to test their knowledge of the women’s game and win big.

There’s a £25,000 jackpot up for grabs. And all players have to do to get a shot at it is pick the correct scores for five Euros games.

However, fans can personalize their okbet Footie 5 picks. And increase their chances of winning by using the unique fixture swap feature. If they’re sure of themselves, they can also try to Beat the Pundit against some of the biggest names in women’s football.

They might set up their association with companions to go up against one another. And see who can predict scores the best.

With the new Footie 5 game. Women’s football will be in the spotlight for the first time in The Pools’ 100-year history.

Rachel Brown-Finnis England Goalkeeper

Rachel Brown-Finnis, a former England goalkeeper who is now a pundit. And expert on the Pools panel, and Kelly Smith, a former England striker, are both rooting for the Lionesses as they try to win the Euro.

They say that putting women’s football with The Pools is a big step forward for the game. And an opportunity for experts like them to show what they know.

Rachel said, “The Pools always associated with football, and I use to watch and wait each Saturday evening to check whether I could get the score draws.” 

“Now that women’s football is getting more attention, there’s a Pools game for the Women’s Euros, and Footie 5 is so natural to win. It’s an extraordinary way for ladies’ football fans to reach out because the jackpot is so big.”

Kelly also said, “It’s such an exciting time for women’s football. England has a great team of players, probably the best team I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to see them play.”

“The game has changed since I started playing. Over the past few years, it’s become much more popular, so it’s great to have The Pools ready.”

“This looks like it’s going to be such a great tournament, so we’re thrilled to be a part of it and add to the fans’ excitement.”

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