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The Poker Integrity Council is Announced by GGPoker

1822 views July 7, 2022

The Poker Integrity Council is Announced by GGPoker

In okbet casino updates, GGPoker started the Poker Integrity Council (PIC). It will lead an industry-wide effort to protect the integrity of poker. By looking into claims of cheating, doing fair reviews, and punishing the worst cheaters.

As a result, the council made up of respected members of the community. Who will look into suspicious behavior at GGPoker tables on their own.

In every case that comes before the council, the following will happen:

  • Detection – Suspicious actions like collusion, bots, real-time help, or ghosting flagged for review.
  • Review – Jason Koon, the GGPoker Integrity Ambassador. And the other members of the Poker Integrity Council will look over the relevant hand histories. It will hide the player’s information. 
  • Ruling – The council members will vote on whether or not to take disciplinary action.

Poker Integrity Council

Should disciplinary action needed. You could warn the player about their behavior have their GGPoker account suspended or banned for good. And have their money taken away. 

In effect the worst cases. You could put on the player a “blacklist” of people who shouldn’t be in the industry. In addition, PIC of GGPoker has teamed up with the most extensive live poker tours and venues. 

Players on the block list will not allowed into events by PIC allies. That is to protect the poker community as a whole.

Notably, since the Poker Integrity Council created. GGPoker can review the status of players who have banned from the online poker room. In addition to some cases, remove or lessen the bans that are currently in place. 

The members of the Poker Integrity Council 

  • Jason Koon
  • Andrew’ LuckyChewy’ Lichtenberger
  • Fedor Holz
  • Run It Once by Seth Davies
  • Nick Petrangelo – Upswing Poker

To clarify, the GGPoker Integrity Ambassador, Jason Koon, said, “I joined GGPoker with an important goal. To help the GGPoker team. It make their poker games safer and fairer than ever.” “It’s an honor to start the Poker Integrity Council. To take another big step toward making sure everyone can play online poker safely. However, protecting the whole community with our long list of allies and the industry-wide blocklist will be better. We’re sending a united message that cheaters have no place in this game. It will be better to protect the whole community. 

Okbet casino updates on Tuesday, July 5, a press conference about the Poker Integrity Council. It will be held at the Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

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