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Super Jackpot Raffle Winners

1080 views March 29, 2023
by TJ

OkBet’s Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride raffle is already underway, and so far, winners have already been announced!

There are still two draws remaining, and the prizes are becoming lucrative! So what are you waiting for? Join the craze and get a chance to own a brand-new Toyota Fortuner, a Honda CBR150R, or even an iPhone 14 Pro with 1 Terabyte of storage!

For privacy, we will not disclose the full usernames of the winners.

That being said, check the following dates and their corresponding prizes.

July 29

The luckiest bettor finally took home the brand-new 148-horsepower Toyota Fortuner!

OKBet Super jackpot Toyota Winner

June 24

The HondaCBR150R has been claimed! This only means that the brand-new Toyota Fortuner will be up for grabs!

OKBet Super Jackpot June Winners

May 27

What a lucky player! One player has won the iPhone 14 Pro with 1 terabyte of storage! A lucky player also got to receive P50,000 worth of free credits!

With the iPhone now drawn, the 150cc Honda CBR150R and the Toyota Fortuner are the only two remaining major prizes. Are you ready to drive one of these?

April 29

With the third batch of winners drawn, one of the major prizes—the iPhone 14 Pro—will be handed out!

March 25

Another five lucky winners have been drawn, winning P10,000 free credits, three lucky players have won P20,000, and one luckiest player has won P50,000! Here are the winners:

OkBet Super Jackpot Winners

February 25

Again, nine lucky winners took home free bets of up to P50,000, and that is just the beginning. Here are the winners:

OkBet Super Jackpot Winners

Now that all winners from February until July have been determined, the OKBet Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride draw officially concludes. Thank you for all your support, and congratulations to all the winners!

Watch the highlight of the Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride here:

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