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Stephen Curry Ejected, Jordan Poole to Blame?

1801 views January 27, 2023
by TJ

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was ejected from last Thursday’s match against the Memphis Grizzlies, and it was all because of Jordan Poole.

Curry’s ejection happened in the fourth quarter with the score 114-116 in favor of the Warriors. Klay Thompson missed a runner that was supposed to add two more to the lead. Dante DiVincenzo, in a good position for a rebound, tapped it to Draymond Green, who passed it to Poole.

OKBET Stephen Curry ejected for the 3rd time

Curry asked for the ball to milk the clock, but the 23-year-old guard made a bad shot selection and shot a 30-footer, which he missed—putting OKBET players who wanted them to win screaming “NO!”

The two-time Finals MVP threw his mouthpiece, leading to his ejection with 1:19 seconds remaining. It also gave the Grizzlies a technical free throw, which, fortunately, they missed.

Curry’s recent ejection was the third time in his career. He was also booted off in game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals after hitting a fan with his mouthpiece.

Fortunately, they secured a much-needed win, 122-120, through Jordan’s game-winning layup.

Curry Ejected but did not Blame Poole

In the post-game interview, Curry was asked about the incident and admitted he was surprised he was ejected.

“No. ‘Coz I remember in 2016 when I threw it, and I hit somebody like that’s a clear situation. But this one, I’m sure you just saw how hard I threw it, but it didn’t go into the stands. So it’s kinda like a delayed reaction by the referee.”

He added, “When I threw it, I wasn’t gonna get thrown off the court, so I threw it pretty hard. But I think it didn’t get into the stands or put anybody, you know, in danger. So maybe I did it on the floor too hard. It is what it is.”

Reporters pressed Curry to put the “blame” on Poole. However, the all-time leader in three points disappointed them by blaming the ejection on himself, who responded that it was his fault for letting his “emotions get in the way.”

“Like I said, we needed this win, and in a desperate way, not just because it is Memphis and all the narratives there. It’s about how we’re playing and trying to put on a solid performance, and you know, build some consistency and some momentum.

“JP came out at the gates and, in the fourth quarter, made some big shots and got us some energy. I came in and tried to pick up where he had left off.”

The Warriors are not 24-24 and are currently eight in the West, while the Grizzlies are number 2 with a 31-17 record.

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