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SIS Launches Counter-Strike in Okbet Esports App

1949 views August 3, 2022

SIS Launches Counter-Strike in Okbet Esports App

SIS (Sports Information Services) is the most excellent multi-channel provider of everyday live betting organizations. And also, it has legitimately shipped off its beginning to end the entire week Counter-Strike (CS:GO) esports betting for sportsbooks.

The CS:GO offering made in SIS’s secure, self-contained gaming studios in Manchester, UK. It gives sportsbooks a high-integrity, high-frequency esports product. Moreover, with head-to-head competitions between skilled gamers playing the most popular esports game in the world.

Okbet CS:GO events will shown on two streams around the clock, seven days a week. Operators who sign up for the service will be able to watch the first 25,000 CS:GO events every year. And also, the “event class” competitive gaming product made for betting. And will give operators higher margins, just like SIS’s other sports simulation products.

SIS Controls 2v2 CS:GO

SIS controls and keeps an eye on all of its custom 2v2 CS:GO competitions to ensure they are fair. And have a lot of action. It is the only offer on the market with visible referees train. With ESIC and watching every game while talking to operators and traders in real-time.

The new CS:GO product offers a wide range of pre-match and in-play betting markets. And also, it gives operators an end-to-end solution with ultra-low latency live streaming and on-screen graphics. With unique betting prompts like form, player stats, and results, as well as live caster commentary. Okbet, a company specializing in betting solutions for esports, helps with odds and trading.

However, operators can use SIS Competitive Gaming with simple integration. And also, the expansion of day-in and day-out CS:GO wagering occasions adds to the already available Soccer. And Basketball betting events, bringing the total number of events to the worth of 150,000 yearly.

Adam Conway, Head of Competitive Gaming at SIS, said

“We are delighted to report the send-off of our every minute of every day CS:GO esports item, which has been intended for wagering. And also, it gives a top tier, high-honesty, top-notch item that proposals nonstop wagering valuable open doors for the most famous esports game on the planet.”

“We are sure that our high-quality CS:GO product will help our operator partners make more money, just like it did with our other sports simulation games.”

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