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Secrets Casinos Keep From Us

1080 views February 21, 2023
by TJ

Out of all the money casinos make daily, they still keep secrets from players—and most are hidden in plain sight.

They do not want you to know, but we are, revealing them to you, our faithful OKBET readers.

Without further ado, here are the secrets casinos keep from us:

OKBET Secrets casinos keep from us

Slot Locations are Part of the “Plan”

Before the opening of a casino, managers and casino owners spend months, if not years, planning the casino floors to determine which area of the establishment will drive the most traffic. Once the location is identified, premium slot machines will be placed.

The reason is that you find popular slot machines near the casino entrance to parts that interconnect the entire place because it is where most people pass. We all know those who enter a gambling house are not there for the sights but to play and earn money. Thus, the machines that make more profit are more visible than those that get few wagers.

No Distractions Inside a Casino

Yes, that is true. Enter any casino in the world, and you will not be distracted from betting on your favorite game. You will not see any windows or clocks inside. That way, your perception of time will fade, and you will spend more time inside.

You cannot see a window as well since it will give you an idea of how much time has gone by. Hence, you will keep playing, and your odds of losing your bankroll increase.

Distractions affect the establishment’s revenue, and looking at mobile phones is discouraged. If you look at your phone for a long time, security will even politely ask you to hide your device.

The famous Casino de Monte-Carlo is the only casino with a clock.

Sounds and Animations Play Mind Games

Notice how a certain animation or sound makes you feel close to hitting the jackpot? That is the casino’s way of tricking your mind, thanks to the help of game developers.

If you are observant enough, the animations and sounds will entice you to keep spinning until you hit the jackpot.

Slots are in the Same Musical Key

Despite all the noise inside a casino, paired with the jingles, soundtracks, and chimes, you were not annoyed. But why? It is because all of the sounds were written in C Major.

Because the “noise” is on the same note, players remain in a good mood and will keep on playing.

You Are Not Allowed to Win Too Much

If Lady Luck is beside you while gambling, expect that security personnel will be too. Casinos are not too keen on having a player who is a winner at every game. Once the bankroll hits “suspiciously too much,” a casino staff will warn that if you keep winning, you will be asked to leave the gambling floor.

Though totally legal, your ban does not mean you will forfeit all your winnings.

Less Security in Poker Rooms

Based on an article by Fox News, the least watched part of a casino is the poker room/s. Derk Boss, an expert in gaming security, said that poker is a player-versus-player game, meaning the house has fewer investments than other casino games like Roulette.

“The players really police themselves,” he said. “When you get people who play poker all the time, they know when someone is screwing off or trying to take advantage of something, and they’ll say something. They pay attention to it better than anybody.”

Online Casinos’ Amazing Bonuses are a Scam

Online casinos, authorized or not, tend to attract players through bonuses designed to motivate them to spend more money on the games. While casino bonuses seem that you have a high bankroll, be aware. Because you still have to bet the bonuses you received before being allowed to claim them.

However, not every online casino does such a thing. OKBET, for instance, does not scam its players with big bonuses. 

At Night, Dealers are Faster

Have you ever wondered why you are pressed to make faster decisions when gambling at night in a casino? They change dealers, that’s why!

Faster dealers are on the night shift so that they can close out tables much more quicker. Bet and Beat “insiders” claim that one of the secrets casinos keep is that these dealers are at night because there are more patrons to cater to. Because of the number of players and a rapid game, bettors usually make wrong decisions. Hence, more money for the casinos.

You Cannot Steal, Copy a Casino Chip

Casino chips are embedded with radio-frequency identification (RFID), allowing the establishment to track its chips’ whereabouts and movements. Once stolen, the casino can easily deactivate the chips, making them useless.

Moreso, RFID allows the management to monitor key patrons who are roaming the gaming floor. Staff can signal their superior via the chips if they see any suspicious pattern or behavior.

Additionally, the incentives that high-rollers receive are done through the RFID-embedded chips they have.

Casinos are Mostly Haunted

On Reddit, casino employees have shared their personal experiences of the macabre and the unexplained.

Redditors have posted the gruesome deaths they saw at casinos, like players dying at the slots and table games.

When someone passed away, other players tried stealing the chips of the deceased, and this Redditor witnessed it:

“Oh my God, where do I begin……I’ve seen a man inject himself in the leg with insulin and then leave the syringe sticking out of his leg for an hour because he won a jackpot when he injected himself, so, therefore, it must be a lucky charm. 

“I have seen people piss and shit themselves because they didn’t want to leave the table/slot machine. I’ve seen people pass out after having sat chain-smoking at a slot machine for 36 hours straight, and I’ve seen other customers get mad because the paramedics interrupted their winning streak. And I’ve seen a man die of a heart attack at a poker table and then watched as the rest of the players try to steal his winnings before security could get there.”


Casinos keep secrets from their players, and for good reasons. The gambling industry is there for a reason—to bring joy and entertainment to people. To continue doing so, they gatekeep things to prevent them from escalating.

Moreover, the point of gambling is to make money and to keep people happy. Derk even argued that casinos are “fun” since they can be someone’s happy place.

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