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PacMan Returns: Pacquiao Tops DK Yoo

1138 views December 12, 2022
by TJ

PacMan Returns: Pacquiao Tops DK Yoo

Manny Pacquiao triumphantly returned to the boxing ring after dominating YouTuber DK Yoo during their exhibition match on Saturday night at KINTEX in Goyang, South Korea.

The eight-division boxing champion did quick work of the martial artist, who rose to fame through his DK WCS (Warfare Combat System) videos. The way the 43-year-old slugger punched and moved shows why PacMan is revered as the sport’s greatest southpaw.

Yoo opened the bout by trying to maximize his superior height and length. OKBET fans who watched the fight saw the mixed martial artist trying to maintain his distance from the legendary infighter. Pacquiao pushed the pressure against him from the get-go.

OKBET Pacquiao

The Korean showed confidence in his jabs, but Pacquiao’s head movements made it impossible for his opponent to land meaningful hits. Meanwhile, The Destroyer was able to get Yoo with his signature aggression and knock him down several times.

The difference in class became more evident as the bout reached the last two rounds. Yoo was moving away and clinching more frequently to avoid losing by TKO. Pacquiao looked to finish the fight with a knockout, but his opponent did enough to lose via unanimous decision. MMA Fighting scored the bout 60-51 in favor of the boxer hailing from General Santos.

Pacquiao Eager to Fight More in 2023

Boxing fans who loved what the Filipino legend showcased will be pleased to know that this won’t be the last time Manny will step up in the ring. Pacquiao already made his intentions of fighting more bouts in 2023 public.

The biggest name making rounds as PacMan’s next opponent is Floyd Mayweather. The undefeated counterpuncher is also making rounds in the exhibition circuit. While Pacquiao also wants a rematch of their 2015 megafight, he believes Floyd won’t fight him again. Pacquiao said in an interview ahead of his fight that Floyd is “scared to death” at the prospect of fighting him seven years later.

PacMan is also open to fighting another mixed martial arts icon, Conor McGregor. Eyes will naturally gravitate towards a fight card that features The Notorious McGregor and the friendly PacMan.

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