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Red Flags: How to Spot them in Online Casinos

1583 views January 19, 2023
by TJ

Online casinos, especially those not legalized by PAGCOR, have red flags. But people are enticed to sign up and spend money because of the promotions of these illegal sites, although in return, they risk themselves from cyber attacks.

For this blog post, we will teach you how to spot the red flags of your favorite but sketchy online casino.

Sensitive Data is Required Upon Registration

All online betting platforms require its member to enter personal information, like name, age, email address, birth date, and payment details. However, when a site begins asking “too personal” questions, then that is time you should leave immediately.

Inquiries from unverified gambling sites for a person’s passwords or financial details are a red flag. Why? Because sensitive data can be sold to other third parties. It can also be an instrument for fraudulent schemes like identity theft.

Another thing you should be wary of is when your casino asks you to confirm your card numbers and pin. That question is enough to realize that the website is up to no good.

Delayed or Not Paid

The purpose of gamblers flocking to casinos is to earn money. A legitimate betting site like OKBET would explain to its clients the duration that the winner can claim their earnings. In the case of sketchy online gambling sites, the winnings are either delayed or not paid at all.

The best thing to do when trying out a betting platform is to do extensive research in terms of payment schedules. Reviews from other players also help you gauge whether you should invest in that site.

Typically, a player should receive their earnings within nine business days. If it takes longer than that, there must be an issue within that casino. Furthermore, checking your account before filing a complaint is best. There are instances where a player enters the incorrect payment details hence the delay.

RTP is Too High or Too Low

Return-to-player (RTP) is why players play a certain casino game. It is because it provides how much money a person can win.

Most online casinos have an RTP of at least 90%. Any lower than that percentage is a clear disadvantage to the player. Additionally, if it is at least 98%, it is probably “too good to be true.”

The reason is that casinos still need to earn. Those who claim that their games have an RTP of 98% are baiting gamblers into betting. But in reality, their winning is as little as possible.

According to Casinos Elite, if an online casino fails to disclose the RTP of a particular game, it is also considered a red flag. It is because the RTP also affects how much money a player can earn. So if your casino does not mention how much a player can get, then leave immediately.

OKBET How to spot red flags


Due to popular demand, casinos have gone from focusing on land-based attractions to digital ones. But because of this, it made it easier for scammers to deceive gamblers. That is why whenever you want to try a new casino, check its reviews and do your research to avoid being conned.

Your safest bet to playing a stress-free online casino is by waging on PAGCOR-accredited gambling operators.

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