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PopOK Gaming Introduces New Games Online

2588 views September 28, 2022

PopOK Gaming Introduces New Games Online

PopOK Gaming brings new, fun, and entertaining online games to the market, giving it a more sophisticated edge in the OKBET app. Five intriguing instant games have added to our whole library of fun, and they are all poised to give the sector a chic new edge. With games like Flaming Fruit, Era of Dragons, Plinko, Magic Idol, and Gogo Banana, players have more options, and partners can access additional revenue streams.

Flaming Fruit

Flaming Fruit is a slot machine with five reels that keeps players interested and provides an eternal gaming experience. It has delicious fruit combos, vibrant colors, and gorgeous graphics.

Era of Dragons

In the Era of Dragons’ the red, blue, and green Dragon symbols, free spins, and multipliers provide another layer of entertainment. The advantages are the highest in the kingdom of dragons.


The Plinko erratic blockbusters are the ideal escape for corporate success! This appealing game’s straightforward rules will soon bring about an incredible journey and increase revenue.

Gogo Banana and Magic Idol

Bettors get the chance to try their luck and win big with the unique Magic Idol and Gogo Banana. These solutions will stand out with appealing designs and high RTPs, fostering a dynamic environment and significantly helping our partners’ businesses.

Los Tros Slots

Big Popok Gaming will launch Los Toros, a new slot machine, in 2022. We’ll keep you updated, but the aesthetics, gameplay, and added features have not yet unveiled. Both PCs and mobile devices will be able to play the game.

Temple of Heroes

Are you prepared for a memorable journey to the Temple? Temple of Heroes is the ideal location to experience being teleported inside an Asian fairy tale. Phoenix, Monkey, and Dragon, the Heroes of the Temple, will meet you on your journey. These formidable warriors will serve as your mascot as they guide you through the most extraordinary and beautiful events. Lamps, money, coins, and different bonuses are also waiting for you; they’ll assist you in getting over obstacles, advancing to the next Bonus round, and defending the Temple from adversaries. You will consequently find yourself in a very heroic setting. 


What could be more impressive than offering five brand-new, thrilling games at once? To grow its player base and enhance its revenue, OKBET Gaming offers its partners this unmatched possibility. They are delighted to provide players in the most acceptable way possible and to contribute significantly to their further development.

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