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Play’n GO on How to Create Chart-Topping Licensed Games

2277 views August 9, 2022

Play’n GO on How to Create Chart-Topping Licensed Games

Play’n GO licensed gaming content isn’t always easy to get right, but you can make titles that stand out when you do on the okbet site. In this exclusive column for Yogonet Licensing and Partnerships, Manager Anny Gomes talks about how the studio handles licensed content, how they choose music, and their latest music collaboration game, *NSYNC Pop. She also talks about how important data is when making products and figuring out who the audience is.

It’s never easy to get licensed game content just right, but you can make titles that stand out when you do.

At Play’n GO, they very interested in the entertainment world, especially music. They love many of the bands and artists in their licensed games, so they work hard to make sure that the games capture their magic.

No matter what the slot is about, they’re always focus on ensuring their players have a great time. But when it comes to licensed games, also have to think about the owner of the IP. The game needs to live up to its brand and meet its needs. The people who play an *NSYNC game are very different, and every part of the game had to show that.

They love how the game brings back memories of the 1990s while having modern elements, like the unusual 2,3,4,3,2 grid layout. It’s a title that was made with fans in mind. The excitement of an *NSYNC show is meant to be captured by the physical popping animations. 


They’re making more IP games to ensure that every type of player can enjoy these great games in different casinos like the okbet online casino. There are opportunities to work with all kinds of artists and brands. Making games for Alice Cooper and *NSYNC shows how versatile they are and how can connect with different audiences.

Working with global IP is exciting because it immerses us in a new brand experience. They’re going deep into the world of music and entertainment because it lets people all over the world who have different interests.

Data insights are also a big part of getting to know these groups. The business is based on developing new ideas for products, and data is the backbone of this process, even when creating new IP opportunities.

They have always thought about the long term, which is why Play’n GO is a trusted partner in regulated markets worldwide. Okbet has clients all over the world. It’s an actual game that anyone can play, no matter where they are or who they are. It is only possible if you understand the data.

It is even more critical when making games based on third-party intellectual property (IP). They combine their skills with the IP owner’s vision to produce a product that appeals to fans of the featured artist or brand and slot players.

Look, people who go to casinos are smart. They can tell when someone has put a new name on an old game to make it look like something new and different. And they’ve said to the industry very clearly that they’re not interested in that. Fans need these games to add value to what it means to be a fan. When they make a new licensed title, that’s the biggest problem they face.

Global Content

Play’n GO’s plan is to grow globally into regulated markets. In recent years, the North and South Americas have become exciting places to live and work.

Most of the IP licensed comes from artists who have fans all over the world. They intended to do this because they want gamers from all over the world to be able to enjoy these games, from the UK to New Jersey to Colombia.

Latin America is becoming an exciting place for us. They already have licenses in markets like Colombia and the City and Province of Buenos Aires. And they’re keeping a close eye on others, like Brazil, as they move toward new rules.

The licensed IP is doing well in the area, which shouldn’t be a surprise since people there love music so much. And the following couple of long stretches of time. They’re very excited to make more content for their players in Latin America.

As they move forward, the goal is to make IP titles that appeal to a wide range of people. While also making niche and regional games fun for people in those areas like in okbet apk. They have chances to do this in North America, Europe, Latin America, and other places.

It is about having a global reach and a local understanding. So fans of artists like *NSYNC and KISS all over the world can play games that match how they feel about these icons.

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