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Play’n GO Latest Cash of Command in Okbet Gaming

2690 views August 7, 2022

Play’n GO Latest Cash of Command in Okbet Gaming

Battleship-style, players must lead their fleet into battle with admirals by their sides to try to outsmart their opponents and win, making sure not to sail into enemy waters.

Okbet Cash of Command is the first game from Play’n GO to have a humorous take on naval warfare. It has a deep story, interesting characters, and new features.

A lot of okbet games known for putting a lot of thought into their characters and stories, and this one is no different. With each spin, you can watch the story unfold. Commanders sit on the sides of the reels and show up when a certain number of symbols have collected in a winning cluster. They fight the “Baron Fusco” at the end of the game.

Play’n Go Combining Features in the Latest Cash of Command

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Each character helps players reach their full potential differently by adding Wilds to the grid or changing symbols.

Instead of falling, the battleships at the bottom of the grid are animated and shoot symbols on the grid to eliminate them, which fits the theme very well.

A classic grid slot with symbols that fall. However, it is not a typical slot because Play’n GO has taken things to the next level by combining features with a story in this exciting game.

Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games and Play’n GO, said:

Okbet Cash of Command is a great example of why Play’n GO games stand out in the industry. From how the features work on the grid to how the game looks. Cash of Command is a shining example of this.”

“Our commitment to entertainment shows in every bit of what we make, and this creative grid slot shows it more than ever.”

Cash of Command Slots

The Okbet Cash of Command slot is played on a 99 grid and has a feature called Cluster Pays. It’s a grid slot, and you win if you get five or more matching symbols. Next to each other (in a cluster). The payout is more significant when there are more symbols in a set.

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