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Pei Li Wins 2022 WSOP $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty Event in Okbet Casino

1831 views July 24, 2022

Pei Li Wins 2022 WSOP $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty Event in Okbet Casino

The $1,500 buy-in pot-limit Omaha bounty eight-max event at the 2022 World Series of Poker had 1,390 entries. It’s created a prize pool of $1,855,650, which was split among the top 209 finishers. Pei Li was the winner after three days of exciting four-card knockout play. He won $190,219 and his first gold bracelet for the win.

Pei Li’s second live tournament win was on record, and both came from PLO events. Pei Li’s last win was in a $600 CAD buy-in event at the WSOP Circuit Calgary series in 2022. He beat out 246 other players to take first place and win $22,763 USD. He has won more than $220,000 in tournaments up to this point.

Pei Li also got 960 Card Player of the Year points for winning, in addition to the title and the money. He is now in the top 200 in the Global Poker 2022 Player of the Year race with his two PLO wins.

A lot of big names went deep in this event, including two-time bracelet winner Connor Drinan (24th, $5,668), bracelet winner Ankush Mandavia (19th, $6,835), bracelet winner Maxx Coleman (12th, $10,316), John Riordan (91st, $12,906), and bracelet winner Diogo Veiga (9th, $10,316).

Pei Li ran to the final table.

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Nolan King was way ahead when the final table started. Konstantin Petrushev recently won a $600 PLO deep stack bracelet and was the first to lose (8th, $20,930). His pocket aces lost to Raul Esquivel’s entire house of jacks.

King’s big lead got even more significant when he knocked out Ryan Scully in seventh place ($27,125). Scully went all-in with a straight on the flop, but the nut flush was made when the King hit running clubs. King then beat Eric Lescot in sixth place with $35,561 in straight sets to narrow the field even more.

Eemil Tuominen went all-in with pocket aces and the chance of a backdoor nut flush, but on the turn, King’s gutshot straight draw and bottom pair improved to the nuts. Tuominen was drawing dead with one card left, and when the last card was a QDiamond Suit, it was official: he had finished fourth and won $63,231.

During the okbet three-handed play, Pei Li went on a run that helped him take the lead. He increased his lead when his straight and backdoor flush draw on the flop turned into an ace-high flush on the river and beat Esquivel’s two pairs on the flop, putting Esquivel in third place ($85,739).

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