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Parenting Tip: Hide Gambling to Your Children!

1078 views February 23, 2023
by TJ

“The sign of truly great parenting is the parent’s behavior.” — Andy Smithson.

Problem gamblers can be a headache to families, affecting those close to them, even their own children.

A parenting mistake is letting children see adults gamble. Letting them know the world of betting at such a young age could create attitude problems in the future.

According to a 2014 study, the common issues visible in a family with a problematic gambler are: financial hardship, impaired family relationships, diminished emotional and physical health, family conflict, mistrust, family neglect, communication breakdown, and confusion about family roles and responsibilities.

Various research has also shown that gambling can be associated with family violence. A 2021 study stressed that there were reports of emotional disturbances, physical complaints, behavioral problems, and forms of neglect linked to parents who cannot hide their gambling addiction.

NCP Gambling even listed the effects that children suffer when their parents have a gambling addiction. These are:

Lack of Emotional Validation

Children do not feel appreciated, and their parents do not notice their feelings and thoughts. Hence, they will find it difficult to express themselves fully; their perception of the world is misconstrued; struggling to judge, evaluate, and cope with events; and they are insecure and fearful due to a lack of confidence.

Lack of Environmental Stability

Good parenting is securing a stable family routine and establishing the importance of roles to children. But if a parent falls prey to gambling, the children will be in a household with financial problems and legal separations.

Lack of Emotional Predictability

An important parenting aspect is to show affection to their children. Parents should respond to their kids with approval and with love. 

If their parents are gamblers, their offspring often were discarded. As a result, the child would learn a bettor’s way of thinking to get the parents’ attention. Another is that a lack of attention from their mother or father would result in anxiety or depression.

OKBET Hide gamblign to your children

Be aware of your children’s difficulties

Parents need to be sensitive to their kids. Spotting a gambling problem among the young is critical to prevent future problems.

Signs include:

The Child Becomes Extremely Quick to Spend Money

Have you wondered why your kid is acting like a one-day millionaire? The reason is that you, as parents, are also squandering your money.

Children see their mother or their father as their models. If either of their parents is a gambler who cannot control their spending, it is most likely that the kid will also pick up the bad habit.

Kid Knows How to Borrow Money

Borrowing money is the beginning of the end for gamblers. It is a bad habit that a child can easily adapt, especially if the parents are habitual borrowers.

When a child asks for a loan, they follow in their parent’s footsteps. However, their aim could be (1) to help financially or (2) to sustain childish needs like toys, gadgets, etc., which parents fail to sustain.

The downside is that it prevents children from learning to be financially independent. Instead of learning to manage their finances, their mindset is that they can borrow more.

Poorer School Performance

Poor performance from a kid results from the parent’s lack of attention. Children need constant appreciation and intimacy. A poor school performance could also be the beginning of a child’s rebellious phase.

Becomes Socially Awkward All Of a Sudden

Gambling addiction of parents affects their children so much that it can influence them socially—and negatively. For instance, a kid becomes insecure and overly conscious. It is because their mother is not communicating with them daily. The child cannot build their confidence if no one is going to encourage them, particularly their parents, who are busy betting.

Takes an Interest in Gambling, or any of its Forms

Is your child interested in casino games or sports betting? Does he love to wager?

Like his mother or father, a kid who likes gambling would grow up to be a gambler. Again, children see their parents as their models. Thus, it would mold their behavior from what they see from their mother or father.

Claims Gambling is not ‘Dangerous’

Since parents are unafraid of the consequences of gambling, so does their child. A child would learn not to fear the vice’s negative impacts and become a high-risk gambler in the future.

Teaching Kids about Gambling Awareness

At an early age, it is best to teach children about gambling. According to the Australian parenting website Raising Children, it can be tricky. But with enough patience, parents can educate their children regarding the advantages and disadvantages of gambling.

Make them understand

Explaining how gambling works gives children the idea of betting. It should be one of your parenting priorities.

From a young age, a child is always curious, trying to explore things they have yet to explore.

Communicate with them and enlighten them about the pros and cons of gambling.

Teach them about picking quality media choices instead of practicing gambling skills through online gambling and gaming. It is also critical to promote balanced screen use to avoid children stumbling with gambling content on the internet.

Make Them Practice Positive Activities

Stress can be a factor in why a child develops a gambling habit. To prevent them from becoming a gambler at a very young age, make them occupied. When we say occupied, encourage your children to engage in positive extracurricular activities like exercise, sports, and art.


Gambling can be dangerous if not limited. It can have a severe impact on your kids, affecting their future. Online casinos like OKBET can help you control your urge to gamble. Government bodies like the Philippines’ Philippine Gaming and Amusement Corporation (PAGCOR) can keep you from betting.

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