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Okbet Slots African Wildlife You can Play Online

2456 views July 8, 2022

Okbet Slots African Wildlife You can Play Online

The wild animals of Africa are the focus of this okbet slot. On the Serengeti plains, the sizeable sand-colored area with patches of green surrounded by green plants. And a bright red-orange background makes it look like a beautiful sunset.

But the bright colors of the background are surprisingly easy on the eyes. And don’t take away from the bright colors of the game symbols. Indeed, even the letters playing a game of cards have a texture that makes them look like animal skin. You could not request a gorgeous foundation for what’s happening on the reels.

Poor return on investment and high risk

The wildlife does not have a jackpot that grows over time. That is not a weakness in and of itself because there are so many other ways to play online slots. Most okbet progressive jackpot slots make up for this by giving out smaller but still good payouts less often than expected. It is shown by their below-average RTP or returns to the player.

But the wildlife has a low RTP even though it doesn’t have a progressive jackpot that could change your life. The theoretical RTP is 92.16 and 96.16 percent, with an average of just 94.20 percent. The RTP for many PA online slots is higher.

Of course, your results during a single game session could be very different from the long-term theoretical RTP in either direction. But if your bankroll takes a big hit, you might not have enough money to return.

The way exacerbates the issue is that this slot is very risky. On the one hand, since this game is about an African safari, it makes sense to make it a high-variance slot. Every safari is different because you are going to places you have never been before. And you don’t know what you might find. On the other hand, if the search isn’t getting you anywhere, you probably don’t have the time or money to keep going.

There is only one bonus.

Another bad thing about this okbet slot game is that it only has one bonus feature. Even though it’s nice to win 10, 15, or 20 free spins, the game could also use other bonuses, like a pick-em game requiring the player to do something.

The manufacturer says that you can keep getting more free spins and that you could win up to 200 free spins. But when I played three times in demo mode, it was hard for me to get free spins even once, let alone twice. And while you’re waiting for that hard-to-find bonus feature, unless you’re fortunate in the base game, your bet size is likely to keep going in the wrong direction unless you’re lucky.

The size of the Wildlife bet

You can play the wildlife for free or for real money, just like most other modern okbet online slots. 

The least you can wager per turn is 10 cents, and the most you can bet is 200. This slot should appeal to all players, from those who bet small amounts to those who bet a lot. No matter how much you bet, all ten paylines will still be in play. So your line bet or coin size, which determines how much you win, is your total bet divided by 10.


Therefore we conclude that wildlife is an entertaining online okbet slot game. But if you’re winning, it’s best to stop playing as soon as possible, before the machine has a chance to take all of your money back. If you can do that, you’ll likely want to keep coming back to the wildlife to see more.

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