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OkBet Online Sabong – How to Bet?

1822 views July 17, 2022

OkBet Online Sabong – How to Bet?

Online sabong is a popular way to spend time in the Philippines, and OkBet is one of the best places to do it. It lets you watch Online Sabong live and bet and play games. Players can bet on the winner of a fight and watch it live at the same time by clicking on the Live Streaming tab in the website’s top navigation bar. You can see what cockfights are coming up that you can bet on.

What is Online Sabong

Online Cockfight, called “Sabong” or “eSabong,” has been making the rounds in the cockfighting community, and some people make a living just by being agents. On the other hand, “sabungeros” (cockers) can now bet online without worrying about getting hurt.

Cockfight “sabong,” or betting on live cockfights, has been a long-standing tradition in the Philippines since at least 3,000 years ago. The game is putting two roosters in a ring and betting on which one will win. Live cockfighting in cockpit arenas controls by the Local Government Unit in charge of that area.

How to bet in Sabong?

Most of the culture has been lost in online sabong, and only the edges remain. Here are some terms for beginners that will help you get into the experience:

  1. Talpak – the word for playing sabong
  2. Meron – edge of the ring where the first bet is the highest.
  3. Wala – side of the ring opposite Meron
  4. Llamado – the favorite to win
  5. Dehado – the underdog (or under-cock)
  6. Kristos – the bet takers (because they call for bets with arms wide open, just like crucifixes)

How Online Sabong works?

As of May 10 (no new information yet), PAGCOR Chairman Domingo said that only Atong Ang’s Lucky 8 Starquest and businessman Bong Pineda’s Belvedere Corp licenses to run sabong online after each paid a P75 million performance bond. The two are the best-known people in the gambling world and always talk about casinos.

Online sabong fights are shown live on the Internet, and people can bet on them through different agents who use other platforms. To watch and bet, the bettor must be a member of a particular platform through an agent. If you had a cell phone or computer that could connect to the Internet, that would be best. There are numerous applications for Android and iOS, but you can also use a browser to watch. 

Online Sabong is the same as going to an actual cockfight and protecting it from the cockpit. The only difference is that it’s done from afar, and there aren’t many people making noise. Sometimes what makes a cockfight fun is the crowd. Fights are happening with just a few people, like professional cameras guys who takes pictures of the battle from every angle to entertain viewers and people who bet on it.

How to Register?

At OKBET, we will show you how to sign up quickly and easily for you to set up your betting account. Also, making a bet after this simple registration can save you time and effort. The most common and essential pieces of information gathered for the how-to register online sabong application are as follows:

  • Referral Code
  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Withdraw Pin
  • Phone Number
  • The SMS verification code


Online Sabong is gambling risky. Ensure you just bet what you can stand to lose. In conclusion, if you want an exciting and immersive online sabong experience, you should check out OkBet. They only give information here and don’t want people to spend their hard-earned money on gambling. But to be fair to online sabong, you have a 90% better chance of losing at a casino than at an online sabong. In online sabong, only two people are fighting against each other, so everyone has a 50/50 chance of winning. This kind of thing is addicting, so play only a little at once.

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