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Okbet Online Gaming Wheel of Legends at Zitro’s Casino

2413 views July 7, 2022

Okbet Online Gaming Wheel of Legends at Zitro’s Casino

Wheel of Legends, a new multigame from Zitro, is now at the Casino de Mallorca. It and other well-known Zitro games are wowing customers at this Luckia Casino in okbet online gaming.

The people in charge of the Casino de Mallorca are delight with Zitro’s latest addition. “It’s amazing how well our customers have received a wheel of Legends. It’s also great to see how great our casino looks with the new Altius Glare cabinet.”

Wheel of LegendsĀ 

Wheel of Legends, one of the okbet online gaming, is a product that changes how people play games in Spain. It has graphics that have never seen before and a new way of playing games compared to what is already on the market. On the high-end Altius Glare cabinet. Wheel of Legends is trying to become a player favorite in all of Spain’s casinos.

Zitro the Director of Casinos in Spain, Jaime Anibal-Alvarez, thanked Luckia: “for adding Wheel of Legends along with other famous Zitro products. Such as Link King and Link Me, as a sign of the trust placed in our company. And we are grateful for the involvement of its human team that, together with that of Zitro, have made this bet a success.”

Franco Digital has made a spell with Witches South, a new online slot game that adds voodoo spells to a world of adventure and magic.

After the success of Witches North, which released earlier this year by a company based in Spain, this five-reel, four-row, and 40-line sequel throws players into a world full of potions, plants, and magic stones that could help them reach their goal.

The witch of the South is a voodoo teacher who will teach the most daring people how to stay alive. To do this, the willing apprentice must collect as many pins as possible to beat the voodoo doll without getting hurt. If they do this, they will win great prizes.

Witches South

This new game has a dynamic way of playing and can be played in different languages. Okbet online gaming, including witches south, also has a Bonus symbol that gives you a choice of prizes when it appears on reels one, three, and five. The Free Spins game starts when the Scatter symbol lands on those same reels. You get 15 free spins, and you can keep getting them up to 265 times.

Mario Benito, the Commercial Director of R. Franco Digital, said about the launch, “With Witches South, we are challenging the most daring not only to play. But also to learn new techniques that will make their experience more exciting.

“We think the combination of an interesting theme, great graphics. And a fun way to play gives players a better approach to encounter the world of online slots. That will be a hit with our partners.”

Witches South is the newest game in R. Franco Digital’s well-known list of matches. Players in Colombian, Spanish, MGA, and Curacao-licensed markets can enjoy it.

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