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OKBET FIFA PREDICTION: Argentina Over Netherlands

1117 views December 7, 2022
by TJ

OKBET FIFA PREDICTION: Argentina Over Netherlands

The 2022 FIFA World Cup semi-final match between Argentina and Netherlands favored the former, according to the prediction of OKBET. Their game will happen this Saturday, December 10, at the Lusail Stadium.

Lionel Messi, who ultimately scored 785 career goals, is expected to lead Argentina to the semi-finals and the finals. He leads his team in goals with three.


OKBET Prediction: Argentina Over Netherlands

Argentinian midfielder Alexis Mac Allister, defensive midfielder Enzo Fernández, and attacking midfielder Julián Álvarez all scored a total of four goals for their team.

In their last match against Australia, Argentina scored twice in 14 attempted goals. It is higher compared to Netherlands’ 11 attempts versus the USA. 

However, the Dutch team had three goals, one point higher than Messi’s team. But their team statistics showed Argentina could do open plays, do sets, and convert the penalty. On the other hand, the Netherlands is only effective in Open Plays, putting them at a slight disadvantage.

Moreover, Argentinians possess the ball 65.3% of the time compared to Netherlands’ 53.6%. The favorite also wins in terms of passing rate at 88%, unlike the underdog’s 84.4%.

Also, Argentina lost only once and won three consecutive games. Their opponent, however, had one draw and a two-game win streak.

OKBET FIFA Prediction

The Netherlands will have a harder time scoring thrice against Argentina than the USA. However, prediction suggests that the former will be the first or last to make a goal.

The odds shown at OKBET stated that the Netherlands has 111.00 odds of scoring four times on Argentina.

At 351.00 odds, the final score between the two contenders will be 3-4 in favor of the Away team.


The OKBET FIFA prediction suggested that the Netherlands has a 27% chance of winning, while Argentina has 47%. At least 30% expected that the game would reach a draw.

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