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OKBET Agent – Affiliate Commission Tier Plan

2434 views June 23, 2022

OKBET Agent – Affiliate Commission Tier Plan

To motivate affiliates, OKBET Agent marketing programs offer tiered commission rates. It allows affiliates to earn a more excellent commission as their sales volume increases. The commission is not the only variable in this equation, but it is a significant one.

People want to know the amount they will get from affiliate commissions first. When considering which affiliate programs to join, the commission rate is one of the crucial aspects. While other factors, such as product pricing and demand, must also be consider. The percentage of your commissions must be sufficient to support your marketing effort. The OKBET affiliate commission tier plan is enumerate below, so you may select the optimal commission rates to boost your affiliate sales.


0.80% Turnover From Valid Bet Minimum 20 Active Players

Example Computation:

3,000,000 Turnover of Overall 20 Active Players x 0.008 = 24,000


0.40% Turnover From Valid Bet Minimum 10 Active Players

Example Computation:

1,000,001 – 3,000,000 Turnover of Overall 10 Active Players x 0.004 = 4,000 – 12,000


0.20% Turnover From Valid Bet Minimum 5 Active Players

Example Computation:

1,000,000 Turnover of Overall 5 Active Players x 0.002 = 2,000

Affiliate Funds Flow

The Player will deposit to OKBET and then make a withdrawal. Affiliates will have commission through the total Player turnover under his/her agent line. After that, OKBET will give commission to the OKBET Agents based on the affiliate commission tier plan.

Affiliate Overview

OKBET : Provides the betting platform and technical/customer support

AFFILIATE : Finds potential players for the OKBET platform

PLAYER : Betting customer

OKBET Agent Affiliate Guidelines

Below are the guidelines on how to become OKBET Agent.

OKBET will provide the recruited affiliate with one link

To qualify for the monthly commission, the affiliate must have at least five active players (KYC approved and with the deposit and betting activity for the calendar month).

The OKBET Agent will create accounts for all of its players

All registered players must complete the KYC procedure before withdrawals are permitted.

OKBET will implement the following rules before allowing an affiliate to withdraw funds

The commission will be calculated monthly and paid within 5-7 business days of the beginning of the following calendar month. There will be no applicable loss carry-over.

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