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Niche Latest Mimi and The Magic Staff Online Games

2665 views October 5, 2022

Niche Latest Mimi and The Magic Staff Online Games

Okbet and Golden Hero have made a brand-new game called Mimi and The Magic Staff. This game looks easy, but it has mysterious stone ruins, flashing butterflies, and Mimi with her Magic Staff.

On August 1, Okbet and Golden Hero will release Mimi and the Magic Staff, a 3×3 opening game with a medium degree of hazard. With a maximum win of 2,000 times. With a bet and a multiplier of 1 to 200, Golden Hero has raised this game’s stakes that seem effortless.

Mimi, the woodland witch, lives in Fortune Forest, a magical place with floating stone ruins, glowing butterflies, and twinkling fairies. Players can go to her house and try to figure out how to use her staff’s magic to get magical rewards.

There is a modern bonus wheel in Mimi and the Magic Staff. The Magic Staff Feature will start if you get one bonus staff symbol. 

It will give you more winnings thanks to a multiplier. Players must charge the staff until its power is released randomly, giving them the multiplier.

Unlock the staff’s power, and Mimi and her Magic Staff will bring you luck.

Game Play and Features

Mimi and The Magic Staff

Mimi and the Magic Staff is a slot game with three rows, three columns, and five ways to win. This game has a medium degree of chance and an RTP of 96.39 percent. The most you can win is x2000, which is a lot. At the point when you get a triumphant mix of 3 symbols on one or more of the five win lines, you win. Signs can make winning lines on more than one line. This game is essential for the back-to-fundamental 3-reelers that are fun, fast, and easy to play. It has win multipliers and wilds.

Features of Magic Staff

When the Magic Staff bonus symbol appears, it will start the Magic Staff Feature, giving you more money. To charge the Magic Staff, players need to press Charge over and over or press Auto Charge. It will set the staff until its power is randomly released, giving a multiplier. The multiplier gets more significant the more the Magic Staff is charged. From 1 to 200, you can use a multiplier.


You win if you get 3 Wild symbols in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The sum you win relies on the number of win lines you have. Wins range from 200 to 2000 times the amount bet.

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