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NetShop ISP Completes Casino Games Audit for Slots

1683 views July 23, 2022

NetShop ISP Completes Casino Games Audit for Slots

NetShop ISP announces the successful completion of the casino games audit in okbet online updates. The extensive audit for Casino Slots Development Company, Fugaso, started in April. The goal was to stress-test the performance of Fugaso’s games. And offer suggestions for improving them from a CDN, Infrastructure, and other technology points of view.

Fugaso is an iGaming Software Provider and Game Development Company that started in 2016. Fugaso is short for “Future Gaming Solutions”. And Fugaso has dramatically impacted the online gaming industry, especially in Europe, since it first came out. And then Fugaso asked NetShop ISP to do a technical audit of their infrastructure. Because they wanted to grow and provide high-quality services.

The first step did the audit in stages was to collect the necessary business. And infrastructure information and server and traffic data from Fugaso. Then, a detailed Gameplay and Data flow analysis will determine how well it worked and finish a technical evaluation. Stefano Sordini, CEO of NetShop ISP, says, “An infrastructure audit like this is necessary for Okbet Casino Game Providers. To keep working well and improve business performance.”

Fugaso’s CEO, Niko Mazger, said this about the audit:

“I am delighted that we decided to do this infrastructure audit with NetShop ISP. It brought up some essential points and technical suggestions that we can use.

And also, the company said it would handle future organizational changes to keep each business moving forward. The group hopes to save at least £100 million in costs before taxes by 2025.

Lord Mendelsohn, the Chair of 888, said, “This merger brings together two high-quality businesses. To create a solid global betting and gaming business. And also, we think the acquisition will give shareholders a lot of value. By creating a company with the best technology, products, and gaming and sports betting brands like okbet. I am confident in our plans for the future. Because we have a top-notch management team made up of people from both businesses.

About the iGaming Solutions of NetShop ISP

Since it opened in 2004, NetShop ISP has won several iGaming awards. And also, it offers compliant and complete hosting services. And helps with iGaming start-up, documentation writing, and audits of casino games.

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