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MultiVersus Video Game Launches in Okbet Gaming App

1907 views August 2, 2022

MultiVersus Video Game Launches in Okbet Gaming App

MultiVersus is free to play at the okbet websites, but there are a lot of fun things in the game that you have to pay for. Here’s what the MultiVersus Premium Founders’ Pack offers people willing to pay for the game.

In its much-anticipated platform fighting game, MultiVersus, Warner Bros. is putting together a fantastic mix of universes. Villains, heroes, and other characters from comics and cartoons will fight it out in the competitive pool of MultiVersus. It will be all allowed to play, yet the game will offer bundles with different character models and microtransactions.

Players had hoped that MultiVersus DLC would come out soon after the closed alpha started. But the MultiVersus Premium Founders’ Pack contents have shown up one day before the open beta.

Is it a smart thought to purchase the MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack?

Yes. There are many cool things in the MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack, but the character tokens are probably what will sell it.

Warner Bros. is trying to make money in the same way that Apex Legends and Valorant do. The game’s maker is adding tempting items to a pack, like a battle pass that costs real money. But the first pack of this may be worth every penny because it comes with virtual money that can be used in-game to buy exclusive items. MvsLeaks, a reliable leaker, says this is everything in the new paid pack.

  • 30 tokens for characters
  • 1x exclusive banner
  • Three premium battle passes.
  • 1x banner (Epic)
  • 1x effect of ringing out (Epic)
  • 1x banner (legendary)
  • 1x effect of ringing out (Legendary)
  • 1x unique nameplate
  • 2.5k Gleamium


All this will be available to players through microtransactions as the content mentioned above is added. There will also be DLC in the form of new characters that players can get by using character tokens. So far this game has 16 characters, so players can save their tickets for later since the developer has promised many more heroes. Players can get early access to new characters if they buy the pack.

Visit: See everything in the MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack

The pack also comes with three battle passes. It’s unclear if the buyers would get two extra passes to share or if they would unlock the following three battle passes for free. But there’s no doubt it’s an excellent addition to the expensive pack. 

How much is the following three Multi Versus Premium Founders Pack?

The new MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack costs precisely $99. That makes it a pretty pricey option for game fans, so players must be committed to MultiVersus if they want to buy the pack.

In MultiVersus, what is Gleamium?

In MultiVersus, Gleamium is a virtual currency that can buy with real money. And also, in the MultiVersus, players can get exclusive DLC and paid content like character skins, levels, cards, and more by using Gleamium.

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