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Matt Glantz Wins $1 Million at the WSOP in Okbet Online

2639 views August 5, 2022

Matt Glantz Wins $1 Million at the WSOP in Okbet Online

Matt Glantz drew the lucky $1 million bounty at Paris Las Vegas in the first-ever WSOP in okbet online. Matt played in the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) Million Dollar Bounty, which cost $1,000 to enter and was a no-limit hold ’em tournament with 14,112 players.

Glantz looked through a chest full of envelopes with cash prizes inside. The awards ranged from $25,000 to $1 million, but most were on the lower end. Only one person would win the WSOP grand prize.

The Pennsylvania man slowly opened his envelope. At first, he saw a “1” followed by a comma. As he peeled away more of the paper, he saw that he’d won the lottery.

Matt Glantz said that Shaun Deeb and Paul Volpe each had 10% of his action in the tournament so he won’t get the total seven-figure payout.

Glantz told okbet online, “I thought I was going to win because I had two swaps with Shaun Deeb and Paul Volpe, who both had 10 percent and are the luckiest players in poker.” “The wealthy are getting more wealthy.”

That means that Deeb, who is still running for the WSOP Player of the Year award for 2022, and Volpe will each get $100,000 from the mystery bounty win, and Glantz will get $800,000.

A chance to win more

Glantz then wrote on Twitter that he would give $5,000 to Justin Lett. The player he beat on Day 2, to win the mystery bounty.

Glantz’s grand prize winner was a bit strange since he had just criticized the tournament in a tweet a day before.

On Day 1, Glantz tweeted, “I’ve never seen so much FOMO over a silly circus bounty event.”

Based on a tweet he sent Tuesday night, it looks like he no longer likes the tournament.

He also won a lot in the part of the event called “mystery bounty envelope.” He also has a chance to win more money. In the poker tournament itself.

When I wrote this, three hundred sixty players were left in the game event, and Glantz held the sixth-most chips. The tournament will be over on Wednesday, and the winner will get $750,120.

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