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Lucksome Candy-themed Slot Game Bon Bomb Luxpots™

1940 views September 26, 2022

Lucksome Candy-themed Slot Game Bon Bomb Luxpots™

Lucksome and OKBet are the company that makes online casino games popular. Bon Bomb LuxpotsTM, its latest candy-themed slot game, gives players a severe sugar rush.

The LuxpotsTM Ladder and the OKBet reels will help you win tasty prizes in Bon Bomb LuxpotsTM. Players can also find more treats with Locking Bombs and LuxpotsTM Multipliers during Free Spins.

At the point when at least three Treats Bombs land, the LuxpotsTM Prize Ladder is activated, and players have the time to win up to 5,000x their bet in the base game and up to 25,000x their bet in the Free Spins bonus. Sweet!

When you get four Ice Cream Scatters, the Free Games bonus starts. During Free Spins, Candy Bombs will stay in place and not drop until no more Bombs are left. If there are at least three Bombs, you win a prize from the LuxpotsTM Prize Ladder.

People who like sweets should also watch out for Candy Bombs that land with Multipliers on them. These Multipliers make the LuxpotsTM prize ladder and any winnings from a Candy Bomb payout bigger. When you have more than one multiplier, they all add up to make prizes and overall winnings up to 25,000 times your bet.

Bon Bomb LuxpotsTM also has a new way of doing Bonus Buy, which lets players buy straight into the bonus based on what they want to do instead of the number of Free Games they have. They can choose between three options:


standard option to buy a bonus


A Free Games experience with a lot of ups and downs and a reasonable price

New feature: DoubleLuxTM 

It gives players a second chance at a bonus if they win less than 60 times their bet. They can keep their winnings and get the bonus again.

Players love Bon Bomb Luxpots.

The return to player (RTP) options for Bon Bomb LuxpotsTM is 94.5 percent and 96.2 percent, and the game is in the middle to the high end of the volatility scale.

Josefin Uppeke, who works at Lucksome as Head of Creative and Game Designer, said:

“Bon Bomb LuxpotsTM is a delicious treat for our players. It’s our take on the popular candy theme, but it adds a lot of sugar to the player experience with features like our LuxpotsTM Ladder.

“The Free Spins are especially exciting because Candy Bomb Multipliers can show up and make it easier to win big, with multipliers that can add up to 30x. We also know that players often want to get right to the bonus action, which is why they can buy into the Free Games in markets where that is allowed.

Bryan Upton, who started Lucksome and is now in charge of it, said:

“This is a tasty addition to our collection of fun slot games, and we can’t wait to see players unwrap some big prizes.”

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