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Livespins to Launch Streamer-based Online Casino

1697 views July 21, 2022

Livespins to Launch Streamer-based Online Casino

Livespins is waiting for approval to start an online casino in New Jersey that is based on live streamers.

You may remember that the live-streaming platform teamed up with okbet last month to get into the New Jersey market. It came after the company said in October that it wanted to join the casino scene in the Garden State. The deal’s goal is to use Livespins resources to give players a new way to gamble online.

  • In New Jersey, Livespins is going to open an online casino that is based on streamers.
  • Livespins and okbet worked together to make the product.
  • The idea is to make online gambling more social by combining a streaming platform with an online casino.

Experience of Social Gambling

Pedersen says that the idea is a new way for online casino players to enjoy their time there. Rather than simply watching a club decoration, they can now bet with the streamer and other players on the same spin.

Pedersen said this makes a gathering bet. And a common encounter where online club players can pick their bet values and the number of twists. Also, it’s this social aspect of gambling that makes Livespins’ product stand out from those of its competitors.

Okbet gives you some exciting streaming options.

LiveSpins has many different kinds of services that operators can use. These range from a Livespins-branded stream to a custom and exclusive stream where operators can add their brand ambassadors. Okbet makes a good argument for Livespins.

On the list of people who support the okbet online gambling company are actors Ben Affleck and Melvin Gregg and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. If okbet wants, people who use the LiveSpins online casino product can sit at the slot machine or table. With the celebrities and bet alongside them.

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