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Largest Casino in the World

2434 views June 10, 2022

Largest Casino in the World

The gaming industry regards as one of the world’s most successful. This article ranks the largest casinos in the world by casino size. The property sizes in square feet will help you understand who the worldwide casino markets¬†are and how they are driving industry growth.

WinStar World Casino 

The mega-casino is in the United States, in Thackerville, Oklahoma. It is the world’s largest casino, with 600,000 square feet of land used only for gambling. Since 2003, when it first opened, it has gone through several changes that have made it bigger until it is now the biggest gaming house globally. There are restaurants, a golf course, a pool, a hotel tower, and so much more at this place that it makes other casinos look bad.

Venetian Macao

The Venetian in Macao is a close second. It has 546,00 square feet of land and uses China’s wide-ranging and open mainland. There are many lovely places to shop, like mega malls, restaurants, resort swimming pools, and the Paiza suite, with 3000 suites with private massage rooms, gyms, karaoke rooms, etc. The casino builds in an Italian style that is good for the environment, and the machines recognize players by their faces, making them feel important and unique.

City of Dreams Macao

Macao is the City of Dreams because so many people worldwide are willing to gamble away everything they own and fly to Macao to gamble. Macao might even style the world’s gambling capital because there are so many casinos in the country, both on land and online. The casino has a vast 420,000 square feet of land filled with the latest slot machines and high-end card tables to meet every gambler’s dream and desire, making it a true reflection of its name.

Foxwoods Ledyard

Foxwoods is a casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut, with 340,000 square feet big. There are all of your favorite casino games. There are more than 400 card games and 7,000 slot machines, but there are more. Too many restaurants and bars are available, with five hotels and different spas on the lot. At Foxwoods, there is never a dull moment. Each night of your stay, you can see another show or do something different. Even if you bring kids with you, they can have a great time here. For kids, there is a two-story arcade.

Ponte 16 Macao

The fifth-largest casino in the world is located in Macao. Ponte 16 has a square footage of 270,000 and is found in Macao’s historic core in China. The facility is consequently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The casino includes 320 slot machines and 150 tables for numerous casino games, and 2 VIP areas. There are multiple restaurants and bars to select from when you’re in the mood for a drink or food, but you can also shop for souvenirs, have a body massage, or see the memorial to Michael Jackson at Ponte 16.


Most of these high-end casinos have a modern look that has always made them attractive to many people. Most of them have things to do, places to stay, restaurants, and a full range of casino games, such as well-known table games, slot machines, and many card games. Every city has at least one casino, but they are not the same. If you want the best casino experience, you should go to one of the world’s biggest casinos listed above in this article. Also, if you are a beginner you can check our casino tips to learn more tips and strategies.

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