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Kyrie Irving Expects High-IQ Plays in Dallas

1287 views February 9, 2023
by TJ

Former Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving expected more intelligent plays to come as he settled in his new home, the Dallas Mavericks.

Irving, 30, finished the game with 24 points, five dimes, and four rebounds in 37 minutes, introducing himself as the newest threat in Mavericks along with Luka Doncic. They beat the Los Angeles Clippers, 104-110, to take the number four spot in the Western Conference.

OKBET Kyrie Irving first points as a Mavs

During his postgame interview, Irving expects that with Doncic at the helm, there will be intelligent basketball plays.

“Just some high-level IQ basketball. It’s simple when you play with guys that are selfless and do the little things. They do not mind other guys being aggressive out there,” said Uncle Drew. “That’s the way a game should be played, very fast-paced, and just doing the little things, details the win.

Meanwhile, the former Nets star said he is happy to be in Dallas right now.

“Incredible. Had natural nerves out here. So I was just tryna play well. But it feels good, just to get acclimated.”

Irving and Doncic have yet to play together, with the duo expected to wreak damage in Saturday’s game against the Sacramento Kings at the Golden 1 Center.

Jason Kidd happy to have Kyrie Irving on board


In his postgame interview, Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd was glad to have Irving with them. For this season, Uncle Drew has been averaging 27 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game.

According to the coach, his newest star easily fit in, which was evident in their matchup with the Clippers. Kidd said it was all because of Irving’s maturity to accept that he is with the team to share veteran and championship experience.

“I think his leadership down the stretch, [to] keep everyone organized; knowing how to play without having the ball or being able to have to score, setting screens for his teammates to get shots was shown tonight. So a lot of great stuff as we build on this new journey with him. It’s gonna be fun,” Kidd told the press.

Kidd also observed that there was also no hint of awkwardness or problems in the rotation. 

“Because he is talented, that’s how talented he is. He makes things look easy, he works on his craft, he’s a pro, he’s up for any challenge, and I think just the comfort level that he has for being with us. “

“You can see that he’s at peace with his basketball game. He’s gonna play his game, and he played that tonight with his teammate,” he added.

With Kyrie now with the Mavs, his former teammate, Kevin Durant, also left Brooklyn—and Ben Simmons. Durant is now with the Phoenix Suns, eventually shocking OKBET players.

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