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Jaylin Williams Drafted No. 34 Pick in NBA Draft

1630 views June 27, 2022

Jaylin Williams Drafted No. 34 Pick in NBA Draft

The Thunder picked Jaylin Williams at the 34th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. The team was so happy with the pick that 22 picks later, they chose a player with the same name. Also, the Thunder selected both Jalen Williams and Jaylin Williams in the same draft. The words are written differently, but they are told the same way. It is going to cause some confusion at news conferences and on broadcasts.

Sam Presti, the general manager of the Thunder, saw that this would be a problem and came up with a temporary fix Thursday night. Presti said “Santa Clara” when he talked about Jalen Williams. Presti said “Arkansas” when he spoke about Jaylin Williams. That probably won’t work in the long run, but it did the job Thursday.

In the second round, they picked up another player, Jaylin Williams. This led to many jokes about how they picked up two players with the same name. The Thunder staff has a rare and exciting problem when they try to talk about both Jalen and Jaylin Williams. Sam Presti found a way around it when he was available after the draft by calling each player by their name and their college, Santa Clara and Arkansas, respectively.

Jokes with Jalen Williams and Jaylin Williams

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After the same team drafted the two, fans made a lot of jokes about it. There were a lot of Spiderman memes going around, and the Thunder got in on the joke by having their two rookies with the same name recreate that meme in their first photoshoot in OKC uniforms. It’s nice of them to devise a way for their teammates and coaches to tell the difference between them when they’re called out at practice.

Jalen and Jaylin Williams have been through something like this before. They would joke about having the same name during events before the draft.

If they were in the same room at the combine, they would tell each other to “go somewhere else.” Now that they are on the same team, it will be much harder for them to do that.

Mark Daigneault, the head coach of the Thunder, will have to come up with a more permanent solution. He can call Jalen Williams “Santa Clara” and Jaylin Williams “Arkansas,” but that doesn’t make them feel like people. He can tell the difference between “E” and “I” by coming up with a creative way to use “E” and “I.” He can hope that one of them wants to be called “Jay,” which would make things much more manageable.

There will be confusion until a better answer find. If both Jalen and Jaylin are picked, they spend a lot of time together making great plays on the court. You can see updates for this game at OKBET site.

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