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Is Your Casino Helping You or Destroying You?

1251 views January 2, 2023
by TJ

At some point in your gambling life, you patronize a particular casino. The reasons may be because the environment is friendly or gives you enough luck to win games. But you should ask yourself: is my casino helping or destroying me?

OKBET is your casino helping you?

A 2013 study by Barry O’Mahony and Keis Ohtuska discovered that your casino employees might not be that kind. The research was done with the help of gambling operators, and the result will shock you.

Some of these employees do not care about your well-being.

Yes, you read that right. O’Mahony and Ohtsuka found that these land-based employees can spot signs of gambling addiction, especially among young men.

Observing their customers’ behaviors, the staff can quickly know if they need assistance. They can pinpoint specific gambling problems clients experience, like loss of control, anxiety, frustration, and debt levels.

The sad part is that “venue employees had little sympathy for these patrons.”

Gamblers need help from their casino

Now that the “cat is out of the bag” and that gambling venue employees can distinguish an addict, there is a need for casino operators to do their part.

Operators of this industry must promote regulated gambling to encourage their players to be responsible gamblers.

Take for example the sports betting site OKBET. The website is an authorized casino by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). It follows the rules and regulations imposed by the government agency to observe responsible gambling among its players.

Bettors should patronize OKBET and 16 other licensed gambling operators. But in most cases, people prefer illegitimate sites.

It is because bettors have no restrictions on these illegal betting platforms. They can gamble and spend as much money as they want.

Even more alarming is that these websites are disguised as legal casino operators!

As a result, despite the efforts of PAGCOR and legal gambling entities, gamblers tend to succumb to addiction and ruin their lives. Casino games are designed to bring joy, not sorrow.

Furthermore, an industry that gives billions in revenue to a country should be helping their source of income — the people. The study made by O’Mahony and Ohtuska heavily suggests that regulated betting sites must have strong consumer protection. In turn, the players would feel safe and trusting of the casino they have chosen to play with.

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