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Ice Hockey Betting for Dummies

1790 views January 23, 2023
by TJ

A six-player team, ice hockey sports have been the rave in countries that snow regularly, and betting on this sport can confuse dummies.

For this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide, especially for beginners, on how to bet on ice hockey. We will also reveal the mistakes that rookie gamblers make so that you can avoid them and be an expert ice hockey bettor in no time.

Explaining the Game

The game is simple: have two teams, with five players on the ice rink, try to score while goalkeepers keep them from doing so. The winner is determined by how many goals have been made after the time runs out.

How Do You Bet?

You can place your wager by choosing the team you guess would win, by how many goals, or even the players who would score.

So, to properly place your bets, you have to know how the odds work. There are many variables to consider as to why a certain odd was projected to a team: differences in team strengths, positions of the teams in the game, the venue, and who is the favorite and who is the underdog.

The team at a disadvantage has higher odds compared to the favorite team. However, it would be best if you watched the scoreboard closely. The odds may change; hence the variables mentioned in the last paragraph have also changed.

Note, however, that high or low odds do not indicate that the sports betting site’s prediction is correct. You still have to rely on your knowledge of the sport and the teams playing.

OKBET Ice Hockey for Dummies

Where to Bet?

In OKBET, there are different options where you can place your bet. The following are the most popular choices for you to put your money on:


This is the most straightforward betting choice, especially if you are only a beginner. The match’s victor determines your winnings.

In ice hockey, you have three possible game results: team A or B wins, or it is a draw. The favorite team typically has lower odds compared to the underdogs.

In some bookmakers, you can remove the draw option, making it easier to guess which teams would win.


Now, if you have little experience in sports betting, you can place your bets in over/under markets. This choice prompts you to predict whether a team’s performance will reach or not a given number.

To better understand, here’s an example: You were given an option of whether team A would surpass a score of 4.5. If you believe that they can exceed it, choose the over 4.5. If not, then go with under 4.5.

Puckline Betting

Puckline betting is a type of spread betting. However, this is unique to ice hockey. 

Like spread betting, bookmakers would apply a point spread on both teams, with the most often point set at 1.5.

To explain clearly, the underdog will have a +1.5 puck line handicap. Hence, for you to win, the team must not lose by more than two points.

Now, if you choose the favorite, they will have a -1.5 puck line handicap. Thus, they must have a final score of two or more.

Ice Hockey Accumulators

Similar to parlay, ice hockey “accumulators” is a wager covering not just a single game. Bettors will have the option to place their stakes on several matches, increasing the odds and also their potential winnings.

The tricky part here is that all of your choices must be correct. One incorrect guess, and you will instantly lose.

Also, your win will be determined once all the games have ended.

The “Grand Salami”

This type of over/under betting is similar to ice hockey accumulators. You have to guess the total collective goals for several games.

For instance, bookmakers have three teams competing and create a point line of 16. You will have to guess whether or not the total score will reach it. Over or under are the options. If you think it will exceed 16, choose over; but if it’s not, pick under.

Long Term Bets

In Layman’s terms, long-term bets are where you place your bet for the entire season’s outcome. It is usually a prediction of who will become champions. In other sports or bookmakers, this is called “outright” or “future betting.”

Special Bets

A special bet is when you predict whether a future event will materialize. An example is guessing the first player to score. This is special because it is only becoming possible and is not fixed by the league or the playing teams.

Aside from the first player to score, there are also special bets for “player with the most goals,” “player who makes the last goal,” “time to score,” or “halftime with the most goals.”

The Basics

Now that you know the options available for you to place your ice hockey bets, you will now have to learn the strategies:

Searching for the best odds

Since odds determine how much are your potential winnings, then look for a bookie that has reasonable odds. If you have many options, choose the ones with the best available odds.

Additionally, checking other betting markets to see if they have higher odds is better.

Patronize Reading Ice Hockey Tips and Expert Predictions

The reason that this is essential for beginners is that they can provide you with the necessary information for you to make the correct prediction. These “tipsters” or analysts explain why a game would end as they predicted.

For your part, have a least three options from the most-trusted tipsters or analysts and compare them. By doing so, you increase your chances of making a profit.


This is important as it promotes responsible gaming. By having a record of your past wages, you will better understand your bankroll and gambling pattern.

Furthermore, it also shows your success rate in ice hockey betting or any sport. If you have a record of your past predictions, you will also have the chance to develop a better strategy to increase your odds of making the correct predictions.

Luckily, betting sites like OKBET have a record of your previous bets, and you can easily access it by logging in to your account.

Big or Small are All Wins

All wins, no matter big or small, are still wins. An important reminder for any newbie bettor is never to try and make huge profits outright. This is a common mistake, and by focusing on getting the “big fish,” you will increase the risk of losing more.

Take the small wins as a victory. Over time, these little victories will become bigger. Do not rush; hone your betting skills by acquiring enough knowledge to make the correct guesses.

The Mistakes

Knowing these mistakes would help you avoid future heartbreaks from betting if you are a beginner.

Unfamiliar with the Game

You cannot be an “expert” ice hockey analyst if you do not know how the sport works. If you do not understand the game, you will likely make the wrong predictions.

To combat this, you must educate yourself by studying the game’s rules, how it is played, the rankings, scoring, and fouling. If you know these things,  it would be easier to analyze the game and make the right decision based on your collected information.

Team Form and Injuries are Ignored

In ice hockey, the overall team form indicates its performance. Those in “top form” can defend themselves against stronger opponents. If not, even if the team is strong, they would most likely be defeated by weaker but well-organized rivals.

Also, not checking the team’s injury reports would decrease your winning possibility. Most gamblers ignore these updates and use the team’s previous form. As a result, losing their bet is most likely probable.

Do not be Biased

Most bettors have such strong faith in a particular player or group that they forget to analyze the opponent. Do not let your judgment be clouded by just betting on your favorite ice hockey team, whoever they are up against.

Analyze both teams. After all, you are betting to win.

After Thoughts

It is better to know these things to help you gauge your betting skills, and from being a dummy, you’ll become an ice hockey expert. Gambling is risky, but if you equip yourself with adequate knowledge, like knowing the sport before placing your bet, your mistakes will be minimal.

A quick reminder: gamble responsibly.

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