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How to Make Cribbage a Betting Game

817 views June 9, 2023
by TJ

The game of Cribbage is not your ideal card game to wager on. But, like any other game, it can be modified in different ways for you to earn money from it.

Before we discuss it, let us first learn:

What is Cribbage?

Cribbage is a card game believed to have been invented in England during the 17th century. It is usually played by two players, with a maximum of four per game.

According to Bicycle Cards, the game was an evolution of the English game called “Noddy.” An English poet and gambler invented it, Sir John Suckling, who developed cribbage scoring and the application of a unique scoring board.

Like most card games, it uses a 52-card deck, with the King being ranked the highest. The players’ objective is to score 121 points (others,61), with point accumulation depending on their card combinations.

Rules of the Game

To begin the game, each player will be dealt with six cards. After the initial deal, each player selects two cards to keep as their hand.

With four cards unselected, the players will now place their unpicked cards face-down in another pile called “crib,” which belongs to the dealer.

OKBet Cribbage a betting game

A non-dealer will then cut the deck in half, revealing the “starter card,” which is placed face-up on the table. This starter card will determine the game’s scoring system based on player card combinations.

After that, the non-dealer starts the game b playing a card face-up on the table. The dealer follows suit.

Players will then take turns showing one card at a time. However, the total value of the cards played must not exceed 31.

A player could say “Go” if his card exceeded the 31-point threshold. This gives his opponents to continue playing additional cards until they can no longer do so.

The combinations of the players will determine scoring. These include pairs, runs, and hitting 15 points or 31.

If all players can no longer continue, they will begin counting and tallying the points in their hands and the crib. Points are awarded for combinations that include the starter card. The non-dealer depends on their hand first, followed by the dealer.

Players can also score for pairs, runs, flushes, and a combination of cards that add up to 15. Once a player reaches the agreed-upon point total, he is declared the winner.

Turning Cribbage into a Betting Game

As we have said, games, whether it be betting or casual, can be turned into a gambler’s choice if someone agrees to play with stakes. To turn cribbage into a betting game, Card Game King shared two ways: penny per point, or dollar per game, double for skunk.

Penny Per Point

In the “penny per point” betting system, a specific monetary value is assigned to the point difference between the winner and loser in a game of cribbage. 

For instance, players may agree that each point is worth five cents. So, for example, if you reach a score of 121 while your opponent is at 91, resulting in a 30-point difference, your opponent would owe you $1.50.

This approach allows for easy gambling in cribbage. In addition, it offers the flexibility to adjust the value of points based on the players involved. 

For example, when playing with children, points can be worth a penny to introduce them to gambling. 

On the other hand, when playing with high-stakes players, points can be worth a dollar or more. Additionally, since winnings are calculated after each game, there’s no need to play multiple matches.

Dollar Per Game, Double for Skunk

You and your playing partner can agree on a fixed dollar value for each game. For example, you may wager ten pesos (or any other chosen amount) per game. That way, you can add a competitive nature to the gameplay.

To make things more exciting, you can introduce additional rules. For instance, if you manage to defeat your opponent by a wide margin, known as “skunking” them, you could double your winnings.

In the rare event of a “double skunk,” where you win by an even larger margin, you may triple your winnings. This adds an extra level of intensity and potential reward to the game.

Furthermore, you can incorporate a “penny per point” rule to consider the victory and the point difference. This means that the amount you win or lose is determined by the number of points you accumulated. 

It also brings an element of strategy to the game as players strive to win by as many points as possible.

In conclusion, although cribbage is not a game that involves money in any way, it can still be modified into a betting game. By implementing these variations, you can elevate the excitement and competitiveness of your cribbage games while offering opportunities for greater rewards based on performance.

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