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How to Gift your Sports Bettor Friends

1295 views February 3, 2023
by TJ

A sports bettor friend is hard to surprise with a gift, mainly because their interest differs from your typical hobby. You would find it difficult to give them something to show your gratitude. 

However, we aim to please you, so we have created the ultimate guide to help you choose the best gift for a sports bettor.

Understanding a Sports Bettor’s mind

You must understand how their mind works to give them the perfect gift. Hopefully, after you read this article, you will have enough to help you choose the most suitable present any gambler could ever want.

So far, two questions would help you pick the best gift for a sports bettor. They are:

Question 1: What Type of Player is My Friend?

The gambling industry is vast, and finding the best gift for a gambling-loving friend is challenging. Due to its vastness, various gamblers have emerged, making pursuing the “chosen” gift even more difficult.

To have the information for choosing a gambling-related gift, identify what kind of player they are.

According to Roulette Sites, there are five types of gamblers:

  • Passionate sports fans
  • Tacticians
  • Thrill-seekers
  • Hobbyists
  • Professional gamblers

OKBET how to gift your sports bettor friends

By knowing what kind of sports bettor they are, you will gain basic knowledge of what they should receive as a gift.

For instance, you can give a passionate sports fan something associated with their favorite game or team. If they love basketball, you can gift them a jersey of their favorite basketball team or player; or if they are baseball fans, you can give them a personalized baseball bat.

Question 2: Should I Order Online or Buy Personally?

The answer is it depends on the situation. As mentioned earlier, the gambling industry is broad. Some items can only be found online, while others are available in physical stores.

You have to research if the item you plan to buy can be bought in a store or website. Also, note how much time you have left before the occasion.

See below for a brief idea of what you can buy from both methods.

Things You Can Buy PersonallyGifts You can Buy Online
Football club gift shop itemsFree Memberships to their favorite streaming service
Lucky charmsBooks for gambling
MemorabiliaCustomized items like clothing, dinnerware
Signatures from professional athletesGift cards or vouchers
Luxury itemsA free tip to their favorite team’s match or game tickets
A copy of a sports movieMasterclass with a professional gambler

Now that you have answered these questions and you already chose the best present for your sports bettor friend, it’s wrapping time! Bare in mind that the gift should not be “naked.”

You also have to put some thought into its presentation. A simple wrapping will not do. So add that “wow” factor, like putting a personalized mug in a special case before giving it to the recipient.

The Best Sports Betting Gift Ideas

Lucky Charms

Superstitions have been associated with gamblers, with certain routines or items believed to be the bringer of good luck. But for choosing the best lucky charm that could aid your sports bettor friend with his next wager, choose the things that have been known to bring good fortune:

  • Rabbit’s foot
  • Horseshoe
  • Four-leaf clover
  • Feng shui items

Although you are skeptical whether these items can bring good luck to your gambling friend, note that they have been known to be good luck symbols since time immemorial. History, tales, and gossip believe these things are like magnets—able to pull positive results to the owner.

Personalized Items

They say that “words are better than actions.” That saying is true, especially for our OKBET sports bettor friends, who love custom-made things like mugs, t-shirts, and hats. This is also an easy reminder that they have a friend who knows their flair for gambling.

Here are some catchy betting phrases you can print anywhere:

  • Odds are, I am at the bookies
  • Roll me a nine!
  • Looking forward to my bookie appointment
  • I’m a slot for sports

Do not panic if you cannot come up with your witty sentence. You can look up the internet’s best gambling catchphrases and have them printed on any item you think your friend would love.

Best-selling Gambling Books

A good friend always wants the best for someone they care for. What is the best way to ensure a gambler is always in a good mood? Help them win.

Buying them the best-selling gambling guides on the market would surely increase their odds of making the right decisions whenever they play. Furthermore, it will encourage them—like OKBET—to gamble responsibly.

Here are the best-selling books:

Follow this guide and surprise your OKBET sports betting friends!

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