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How Much Casinos Profit per Day, Annually?

1117 views February 9, 2023
by TJ

Have you ever wondered how much your favorite local online casinos profit per day or yearly? 

We all know that the gambling industry is very profitable. The reason, mainly, is because of how many people spend their day at a physical casino. Also, with the popularization of virtual gambling houses, the ways to make money have become almost ‘limitless.’

Thus, to fulfill your curiosity about their earnings, this OKBET blog post will be doing a sort of breakdown.

Let’s start.

According to The Cold Wire, an average profit of a casino is about 1.5 million to three million dollars. In the Philippines, gambling is so popular that in 2022, the revenue reported by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) reached $1.7 billion or P93.3 trillion.

Nevertheless, it still depends on the size of the casino. Indeed, smaller establishments earn less than gigantic companies. But, it also means that their operating cost is much lower.

Although it will take a little longer to be profitable, a gambling venue will undoubtedly have millions of profits, big or small. Also, it is essential to know that a casino is typically inside a hotel, making it more enticing for hotel guests to gamble.

Expectedly, Reuters predicted that the Philippines’ gross gaming revenue (GGR) will reach a whopping P256 billion or $4.6 billion by 2026. It can even surpass the amount, stressed the news agency.

But Do Casinos Lose Profit?

Well, of course!

Gambling is a game of chance, and casinos rely on the math and probability of the games they offer. 

The profit casinos make in a day depends on the percentage of the games. They will always favor the house, but not to the point that players will not get any wins.

There will always be a sense of fairness in gambling houses, particularly those with a government license.

But to summarize, casinos are businesses. Earning is their number one priority to keep players from playing. So it is only fair that their games are slightly in their favor.

Furthermore, the player should be shouldering their winnings’ taxes since gambling income is considered an earning.

As a result, gamblers who play poker, lotteries, or even local sports betting will have to comply with the law by paying the taxes generated by their winnings.

OKBET how much casinos make per day, per year

Winning Big

If it is your lucky day, and you win a hefty sum, you may not be getting all of your prizes in one go.

Hitting the jackpot or winning over one million does not instantly give you the total amount. You will only get part of the winnings, and the remaining will be split given to you in the coming months or even years.

Though it might be annoying, it is the most responsible thing to do. Once they get hold of a considerable amount, people would squander it on things or lifestyles that would only leave them regretting their decision. So to help the winners make the right decision, casinos like OKBET, the top sports betting site in the Philippines, will offer options by laying out a plan designed for you.

Also, the taxes will be parted, depending on your chosen option.


Gambling is a game of chance. Although a casino makes a profit, they will be shelling out some of those to lucky players. It is a cycle; most importantly, both the house and the players can win. Just practice responsible gambling as it can be addictive, and the uncontrollable desire of a problematic gambler could be taken advantaged by other gambling operators.

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