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Home Bet RRQ Bows Down to Blacklist

1336 views January 12, 2023
by TJ

Blacklist International defeated home favorite RRQ Hoshi on Wednesday, January 11, securing its upper bracket finals spot for the Mobile Legends M4 World Championship in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The tournament, held at the Tennis Indoor Stadium Senayan, was filled with supporters roaring RRQ’s name. However, they were silenced by the Philippine team with a 3-2 standing.

Nevertheless, the entire match had OKBET players biting their nails. The Codebreakers wasted a 2-1 lead, putting a glimmer of hope in their opponent, who drew first blood in this five-game series.

RRQ, although suffering a 23-10 defeat in Game 3, did not let the momentum stay with Blacklist. They pushed the Filipino team into a decider via a 15-10 win.

Fortunately, Blacklist was able to bounce back in game 5, thanks to their trademark heroes.

With his Claude, Marksman Kiel “Oheb” Soriano was able to tally three kills and six assists. It played a massive part in their win, especially with how effective mid lane star Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna was with his Estes.

Villaluna racked up a game-high nine assists with one kill and two deaths throughout the 24-minute match.

Meanwhile, Salic “Hadji” Imam’s Pharsa also impacted the game despite being countered by Yu Zhong and Khadita. He finished the game with a 3-2-4 stat.

OKBET Blacklist advances to the finals

The Clash that Decided it All

With the series tied 2-2, and both teams playing it strategically, RRQ Clayyy’s Kaja cast his ultimate, Divine Judgment, on Hadji’s Pharsa. Then an all-out brawl became the beginning of the end for the Indonesian powerhouse.

Both teams began a 5-versus-5 clash and had six casualties in total. Luckily for the Codebreakers, they were the first to go down. Hence, they respawned first, giving them time to burst the luminous Lord.

However, RRQ was able to steal the Lord—a huge turnaround, supposedly—using Alberttt’s Ling. But it was the wrong decision since Blacklist, after slaying Kaja, went straight ahead to their enemy’s base.

The Codebreakers are now sitting comfortably at one of the finals spots, awaiting the winner between the matchup of Echo Philippines and MPL Indonesian champion Onic Esports.

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