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Handball Betting Explained in Online Casinos

904 views December 23, 2022
by TJ

With a long history, handball has transformed from an outside game to an indoor one during the past century in online betting. Thanks to that change, the game grew faster and more dynamic, and the indoor venues created a more intense environment. This development contributed to a rise in the popularity of handball betting.

Even though handball is not often regarded as a significant sport, If you know how to bet on the markets, you may still find a lot of value. Bettors concentrate on domestic and international competitions, which are done with skill. Learn more about handball betting by continuing to read.

What is Handball?

Two teams of seven players, six outfields, and one in goal, play handball on a 40 x 20 indoor court for two 30-minute halves. The objective is to toss the ball into the goal as many times as possible to outscore the opposition. Players dribble and move the ball with their hands similarly, which is comparable to basketball.

Betting Types of Online Handball

There are many handball betting markets available for you to wager on. In the past, bookies only let you wager on an event’s outcome, but in the last ten years, the gambling business has advanced to the point that you can now wager on results that don’t happen in handball matches. Some of these markets are perfect for implementing sophisticated betting methods.

OKBET handball betting


1. Handicaps

You can gamble on whether or not a group will win or lose by a particular number of goals when you place a handicap bet. Consider a +4.5 Handicap. The team needs to score at least five goals to overcome the gap and come out on top.

2. Match Winner

One of the most straightforward wagers to comprehend in handball is wagering on the game-winning player. A handball match features two teams, and only one can prevail.

3. League Winner

This wager will have a long-term perspective because seasons typically last nine months, but this varies by league. The competition will be done in a couple of weeks for significant events, like the Olympics.

4. Total (O/U) Points

This type of wagering determines whether a team will score under or above a predetermined number of goals. If you bet on Manchester United to achieve more than 3.5 goals, the calculation goes as follows: 4 goals are scored by Manchester United. Because Manchester United scored more goals than the total number of goals you gambled on (over), you came out on top.

Handball Tournaments you Can Bet Online

On the following events, OKBET provides handball contests in the markets, and bettors may select from some domestic leagues, including the major leagues like the Spanish Liga and the German Bundesliga.

  • Olympic Handball
  • EHF Champions League
  • Starligue (France)
  • IHF World Handball Championships
  • ASOBAL League (Spain)
  • Handball-Bundesliga (Germany)

Why Should you Bet on Handball Online?

There are several ways for gamblers to profit from wagering on handball. If you know what you’re doing, the benefits might easily outweigh the dangers, given the robust market for the sport. There are many benefits that come with betting on handball online as opposed to traveling to your regular brick-and-mortar venues. Some of those advantages are listed below for your enjoyment:

  • Bet on handball from the convenience of your home
  • Quick timings for deposits and withdrawals
  • Participate in mobile game
  • In-play wagering choice
  • 60-minute games will keep you entertained while you wait.

When you join up for the approved online sportsbooks at OKBET, placing wagers on handball is straightforward. The suggested sportsbooks have been granted gaming licenses by the state and are entirely legal. Thanks to the excellent bonuses and promos, you’ll have the finest experience imaginable that can resist free money.

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