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GiG has extended its partnership with Novibet

1884 views August 10, 2022

GiG has extended its partnership with Novibet

GiG Comply is an automated affiliate marketing compliance and screening tool enhanced by Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). 

Novibet will access the automated affiliate marketing compliance and screening technology as part of the collaboration arrangement. Novibet will enable the operator to check websites for information such as links. Included also igaming code red phrases, and regulatory requirements across multiple markets. Accomplished by analyzing real-time snapshots from affiliate campaigns using its rules engine. Then it provides operators with promotional content for use in the advertising of their firms. It is a comprehensive tool that enables operators to create criteria and checklist parameters. Additionally, it can be adapted to suit market-specific regulations, which assists in maintaining operators’ compliance in numerous countries.

GiG Comply will continue to assist Novibet in proactively managing its marketing compliance.

It will accomplish it by ensuring that affiliates are entirely aligned with the rules imposed by the brand and those about responsible gaming.

The Chief Marketing Officer at GiG, Jonas Warrer, stated that it is “always a pleasant substance when one of our partners chooses to continue investing their confidence in GiG Comply.”

“The extension of the cooperation represents ethical gaming in our marketing compliance tool and indicates Novibet’s devotion to sustainability,”

GiG Comply performs real-time analysis on graphics it receives from affiliate programs using a rules engine. Then provides promotional material to the appropriate operators based on the analysis results. In addition, operators may set up criteria and checklist parameters that are changeable to market-specific needs as a “flexible tool,”. Which assists operators in remaining compliant with the regulations. It helps operators stay on the right side of the law.

According to George Gerakanakis, the Novibet International Affiliate Manager. One of the pillars of the company’s operations is “providing a gaming experience that is not only interesting. Additionally, it is also safe and entirely compliant” We have created incredibly stringent criteria for compliance, and as we go forward. We are confident that we have formed an excellent working relationship with GiG. 

Additionally, as a direct consequence of the recent renewal of our agreement. The already established GiG Comply tool will continue to assist the affiliate compliance team. In every one of the regulated areas where we do business.

This extension follows a hectic beginning to August for GiG, during which the company secured a freshly expanded contract. With Betsson, which opened the door for this expansion.

About Gaming Innovation Group (GiG):

Gaming Innovation Group provides iGaming Operators with solutions, products, and services. Gaming Innovation Group aims to be the top platform and media supplier for iGaming partners and their clients. GiG’s goal is to encourage partner development and profitability via product innovation, scalable technology, and excellent service.

About Novibet:

Novibet is a UKGC, MGA, and ADM-licensed operator focused on providing the most outstanding sports betting and gaming experience. Novibet offers online sports betting and casino games in Greece and the UK.

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